Duramax 86600 71-Gallon Resin Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

Duramax 86600 is inexpensive deck box that provides you with 71 gallons of storage space.


Duramax 86600 71-gallon deck box is made of UV resistant PP Plastic resin. Body panels are thin and overall quality is not great. Deck box seems flimsy. It’s nowhere near the quality of Keter deck boxes which isn’t a surprise since they are more expensive.

Hinges of Duramax 86600 71-gallon deck box feel flimsy too. It’s not uncommon for some units having lid that’s uneven or even can’t be closed all the way on one side because of that.

Manufacturer claims Duramax 86600 can hold over 400 lbs of stuff but it’s really hard to believe.


Duramax claims 86600 deck box is fully weather-resistant. Unfortunately we cannot comment on that due to lack of impressions of it in rain.


Duramax 86600 features woodgrain finish.


Duramax 86600 measures 45 inches wide, 17.7 inches deep and 22 inches high.


Duramax 86600 71-gallon deck box is flimsy and cheaply made. It doesn’t mean that’s is useless though – if you need a cheap storage solution and don’t want to spend more then you might be able to look past the subpar quality.

Duramax 86600 Outdoor Storage Deck Box Details/Specifications:

  • Material: UV resistant PP (polypropylene) plastic resin
  • Storage capacity: 71 gallons / 9.5 cu. ft. / 269 liters
  • Dimensions: 45″ x 17.7″ x 22″ (W x D x H)

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