De’Longhi KG89 Burr Coffee Grinder Review

De’Longhi KG89 is a pretty sleek looking burr coffee grinder and it’s relatively inexpensive too. It’s equipped with 110 watt motor but does it grind well for the money?


Grind quality isn’t great. You can notice inconsistencies at any grind size and the coarser you go the less uniform your grinds will be. The finer you go the more static cling you will experience which makes it spit coffee grounds everywhere and making a mess.

What about noise? It’s quite loud when grinding. Grounds container is quite small too. If there’s something good about this grinder it’s the range of grind size it offers which is wider than many other grinders at this pricing. It’s also looks pretty good and has stainless steel exterior.

How many different grind size settings are there? 16. How many cups worth of beans it can grind? 2 to 12, however cup selector can be inaccurate.


Some consumers have reported their units breaking after few months of use. It’s hard to estimate how common this is but reliability might not be De’Longhi KG89 strongest point.


De’Longhi KG89 is a mediocre burr grinder with multiple flaws. There are better alternatives available. To find out which are the best affordable burr grinders read our Best Cheap Burr Coffee Grinders article.

De’Longhi KG89 Burr Coffee Grinder Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60Hz
  • Input power: 110W
  • Bean hopper capacity: 120 grams
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 130 mm x 160 mm x 260 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg / 3.75 lb

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