Dash SmartStore™ Deluxe Compact Electric Hand Mixer Review

Dash SmartStore™ Deluxe DSHM155 is electric hand mixer with 150 watt motor and 3 speed settings.


Dash DSHM155 is not very powerful considering it has 150 watt motor but it works for light duty jobs. For more serious mixing you would want a stand mixer anyway.

It does suffer from common flaw of cheap hand mixers – lack of slow speeds. Dash DSHM155 has 3 speed settings and the slowest one is pretty fast so you can’t avoid splattering.


Dash DSHM155 comes with two Beaters, whisk and milkshake attachment. They are pretty short which can make mixing a bit more difficult.


Dash SmartStore™ Deluxe hand mixer is compact (small) and lightweight. Whether this is a good or a bad thing depends on person to person.


Dash DSHM155 hand mixer is available in 3 colors:

  • Red (Dash DSHM155GBAQ04)
  • Grey (Dash DSHM155GBGYO4)
  • Red (Dash DSHM155GBRD04)


Dash SmartStore™ Deluxe is an inexpensive hand mixer so your expectations can’t be high. It’s far from perfect but it works for lighter duty mixing.

Dash SmartStore™ Deluxe Compact Electric Hand Mixer Specifications:

  • Power: 150W
  • Speeds: 3
  • Colors:
    • Red: Dash DSHM155GBAQ04
    • Grey: Dash DSHM155GBGYO4
    • Red: Dash DSHM155GBRD04
  • Hand mixer dimensions: 4.75” x 7.5”
  • Attachments:
    • 2 x Beaters
    • 1 x Whisk Attachment
    • 1 x Milkshake Attachment

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