Best Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Ovens (2023 Review)

Have you been wondering which Cuisinart air fryer toaster ovens are the best? Let’s find out!

#1 Cuisinart TOA-60BKS Convection Toaster Oven/Air Fryer

Cuisinart TOA-60BKS is an air fryer toaster oven with 0.6 quart cooking capacity (equals to about 18 quarts). It’s equipped with 1800 watt heating element and can cook in temperatures as high as 450°F.


Cuisinart TOA-60BKS cooks well and makes good delicious. There’s some learning curve though as it warms a lot faster than regular oven so you will have to use lower temperature or less time to cook certain meals. It also doesn’t heat up your whole house like a regular oven would.

Cuisinart TOA-60BKS has 7 cooking modes: warm, broil, convection broil, toast, bake, convection bake and air fry. Cuisinart TOA-60BKS features nonstick easy-clean interior.

Despite being a larger air fryer it’s surprisingly quiet. Similarly sized air fryer ovens can sometimes be quite loud.

There are some things you can complain about too. Sometimes you will notice that it cooks upper part of food faster than the bottom requiring you to flip food for both sides to be perfectly even. Also the housing can get a bit hot especially on hot summer days when you are cooking at high temperatures.


Cuisinart TOA-60BKS has mechanical controls. It’s equipped with 4 knobs – for temperature, time, cooking mode and browning control (toast darkness level). You also get button for interior light than you can turn on or off.


Cuisinart TOA-60BKS is a bit on expensive side and it isn’t perfect however with all things taken into consideration it’s a decent toaster oven/air fryer.

#2 Cuisinart AFR-25 Convection Toaster Oven/Air Fryer

Cuisinart AFR-25 is oven style air fryer/toaster. It’s large enough to cook up to 2.5 pounds of french fries and has temperature range of 0° to 450°F.


Cuisinart AFR-25 cooks well for the most part. Everything comes out tasting great however there are some nuances.

It only has heating element on the top. Because of this you will sometimes need to flip food over halfway through cooking to make sure everything is perfectly evenly cooked. Other than that you can’t complain about the way it cooks.

One thing to note is that housing of the Cuisinart AFR-25 does get quite warm during cooking and sometimes glass and back side can even become hot to touch.


Cuisinart AFR-25 features old school mechanical knobs for adjusting temperature and cooking time whereas most air fryers nowadays have digital controls. One flaw here is that timer on this air fryer can sometimes be a bit off.

If you want to cook something for less than 20 minutes you might find that the air doesn’t work. To make it work you first have to turn the timer knob past 20 minutes and then you can dial it down to desired time.


Cuisinart AFR-25 comes with air fry basket and baking pan/drip tray. They are not dishwasher safe and should be handwashed only!


Cuisinart AFR-25 is made of brushed stainless steel and feel sturdy.


Cuisinart AFR-25 is not perfect but it’s very affordable and cooks well for the most part making it a good value for money.

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