Cuckoo A50 CMC-ASB501F Premium 5-Quart Multi Pressure Cooker Review

Cuckoo CMC-ASB501F (also known as Cuckoo A50) is high-end 8-in-1 premium multi pressure cooker with 5 quart nonstick inner pot. It’s perfectly sized to cook for 2-4 persons.

Cooking with Cuckoo CMC-ASB501F A50 Premium Multi Pressure Cooker

Cuckoo CMC-ASB501F makes simply exceptional rice. If there’s such thing as perfect rice then they are made with Cuckoo.

It works great for other foods too. Meat, shrimp, soup, yogurt and even cake comes out tasting great. Overall it cooks really well but it’s also very versatile.

Cuckoo Premium multi pressure cooker has 12 cooking modes: multi cook, steam cook, slow cook, rice cook, vegetables, meat, soup, brown/fry/sauté, yogurt, canning, oven and pasta/noodle. It can makes 7 different types or rice too (white rice, sticky rice, sushi rice, general rice, brown rice and GABA rice).

On thing to note is that unlike most pressure cookers Cuckoo A50 include time it takes to pressurize as part of the total cooking time (other models typically only starts the countdown when the unit has achieved the pressure and starts actually cooking). This is not a good or a bad thing, just a nuance.


The overall build-quality is really good. Some of the parts are noticeably better made than usual. For example the inner pot is made of 2PLY clad (Aluminum + Stainless Steel) and is quite thicker than on other pressure cookers.

Control panel

Control panel features knob with a button inside it and two more buttons: “Cancel” and “Start”. You can select any of the standard features or actually save your own presets which is not a feature you see on other pressure cookers.

Another unique feature is smart voice guide navigation. It talks to you and says what you have selected and what to do. This might be help for those who have vision impairment. There are 3 language settings: english, spanish and chinese.


Cuckoo Premium multi pressure cooker comes with ice spatula, rice measuring cup, steam plate, product manual, and recipe book

Other Features

Cuckoo A50 has automatic steam releasing technology. It releases steam automatically which is very convenient. You can also sometimes see it release a bit of steam during cooking to maintain optimal pressure.

Another cool feature is the automatic self-cleaning function. Essentially Cuckoo Premium multi pressure cooker cleans itself by using steam. You will still have to clean it manually as this feature isn’t 100% efficient but it’s still helpful.


Cuckoo A50 is a bit on expensive side however its performance, versatility and quality might well be worth the premium.

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