CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 8-Amp 14-Inch Chainsaw Review

CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 is an inexpensive cord powered chainsaw. It has 8 amp motor and is equipped with 14 inch chain and bar. So how well one of the least expensive chainsaws you can buy performs?

Cutting performance

As you might expect for an inexpensive electric chainsaw it’s not very powerful. It does have decent enough cutting performance for light duty jobs like cutting saplings or limbs of couple inches in diameter. Anything more serious than that and you will want something better.

Common issues

Very common issue is that chain keeps going off of bar constantly. Somehow CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 is build in a way that it’s bad at keeping chain tension.

Less common issue is motor overheating – something you probably won’t experience but there’s still a reasonably chance you might.

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CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 features auto oiler and bolt lock chain tensioning system. It doesn’t have chain brake though.


CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 is not that great of a chainsaw. If you are looking for cord powered chainsaw then Oregon CS1500 would be a good choice. I does have 18-inch bar so it’s a bit different kind of a chainsaw but it’s overall a much better product.

CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 Chainsaw Specifications:

  • Type: Electric (Corded)
  • Guide bar size: 14”
  • Motor power: 8 Amps
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 Chainsaw
    • 1 x Bar cover
    • 1 x Wrench
    • 1 x Bar
    • 1 x Chain
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