COSTWAY 44lb Countertop Ice Maker Review (24228BK-CYEP)

Most countertop ice machines are able to produce only 26 pounds of ice cubes in 24 hours which usually isn’t enough to keep up with demand if you have guests over. This is where COSTWAY 44lb countertop ice maker shines – it can make, you guessed it, up to 44 pounds of ice cubes in a day – about 70% more which is just enough to supply a small party.

So is COSTWAY 24228BK-CYEP actually a good ice machine? Let’s find out!

Ice production

COSTWAY 44lb ice maker makes 12 ice cubes per batch and each one takes around 9 minutes. It uses R600a refrigerant and produces about 1.8 lbs of ice cubes each hour.

Ice quality is good – ice cubes are clear but they do come out a bit wet. It makes them really chewable however because of that they will freeze together if you put them in freezer.

COSTWAY 24228BK-CYEP can make ice cubes in two sizes: small and large. They actually seem to be the same size but somehow “small” ones melt faster than “large” ones. Large ice cubes must be more/better frozen if that makes sense to you.

Control Panel

Control panel is simple and easy to use. It features “Power”, “Clean“ and “Select“ buttons:

  • “Power“ button: turns the unit on/off.
  • “Clean“ button: starts self-cleaning mode.
  • “Select“ buttons: switches between ice cube size settings.

You will also find 4 indicator lights. Two of them indicates which ice cube size setting you have chosen (either small or large) and the other two warns you if ice basket is full or if you need to add water in water reservoir.


COSTWAY 44lb ice machine is relatively quiet. Only time it does make a bit more noise is when it drops ice cubes in the basket.


COSTWAY 44lb countertop ice maker is made of food grade ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PP (polypropylene) materials – simply put it’s made of plastic. Despite not being the strongest material it does feel rather sturdy.

The overall build quality is good but COSTWAY 24228BK-CYEP doesn’t feel as fancy or high-end as units that have stainless steel housing.


COSTWAY 44lb ice maker has self-cleaning mode – a feature that most ice machines don’t have. It will also warn you with indicator lights if ice basket is full or water reservoir empty.

Ice basket can hold 2 pounds of ice cubes and water tank capacity is 2.6 liters (~88 oz) – both figures bigger than what your average countertop ice maker offers.

COSTWAY 44lb portable ice maker is ETL and UL certified meaning it meets meaning it meets North American safety standards – both certificates are recognized by OHSA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).


COSTWAY 44lb ice maker is compact measuring 10.5″ wide, 14.5″ deep and 13.5″ tall/high.


Overall COSTWAY 24228BK-CYEP is a great ice maker – it makes lots of good ice fast, seems to be well built and has more features than most other models.

It makes slightly less ice than COSTWAY 48LBS/24H ice maker but has more features and is usually sold for slightly cheaper – if you are looking for ice maker that can produce 40+ pounds of ice in a day then either is a good choice.

COSTWAY 44lb Countertop Ice Maker Machine Details/Specs:

  • Ice output: up to 44 lbs per 24 hours
  • Ice cubes per batch: 12
  • Time per batch: ~9 minutes
  • Ice cube size options: 2
  • Voltage/Frequency: 115 V / 60 HZ
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Material: ABS & PP
  • Ice basket capacity: 2 lbs
  • Water reservoir capacity: 2.6 liters (~ 88 oz)
  • Dimensions: 10.5″ x 14.5″ x 13.5″ (W x D x H)
  • Certifications
    • ETL
    • UL

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