COSORI Double Wall Electric Kettle Review

COSORI CDK-SE151-KUS is electric kettle with double wall design. It’s made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and can hold up to 1.5 liters of water.


COSORI CDK-SE151-KUS brings water to a boil quite fast. The interior is fully stainless steel so the water doesn’t touch any plastic meaning it won’t get contaminated. Essentially it works just fine. Double-wall design will keep water warm for longer and the kettle body safe to touch (it still gets warm but doesn’t get hot enough to burn your hand).


Overall quality is pretty good for the money. COSORI CDK-SE151-KUS is mostly made of stainless steel, only the handle and base are plastic.


COSORI CDK-SE151-KUS has auto shutoff feature, boil dry protection and non-drip spout. It also has stainless-steel filter and 2-level lid (lid opens at 45 degrees to avoid water splashing and reducing how fast hot steam escapes but you can lift the lid up to 80 degrees which makes it easier to fill kettle with water or clean).


COSORI CDK-SE151-KUS is a good electric kettle for the money. If you need something simple and affordable then it’s a decent choice.

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