COMFEE’ Glass Electric Tea Kettle Review

COMFEE’ glass electric tea kettle is equipped with 1500 watt heating element and has a maximum capacity of 1.7 liters.


COMFEE’ glass electric tea kettle boils water quite fast, in fact a bit faster than many other models in this price range. The difference however isn’t too significant and many of the more expensive models will outperform COMFEE’.

One thing to note is that you should clean the inside of the kettle (preferably with white vinegar, baking soda, water, cleaning bottle brush and microfilber cloth) before using it as otherwise you might notice some plasticky smell or taste.

Be warned that the lid is made of plastic which is something that some consumers like to avoid. To be fair completely plastic free model will cost a lot more and COMFEE’ electric kettle uses less plastic than most models in this price range.


This electric kettle is a bit heavy and bulky, weight distribution isn’t the best either so it’s not the most comfortable to hold


COMFEE’ glass electric tea kettle features LED boiling light, auto-shutoff and dry-boiling protection.

Possible issues

It seems like long term reliability might be a possible issue with COMFEE’ glass electric tea kettle. There are more reports than usual about it failing within first year of use.

Another common issue that’s perhaps not significant at all is that metal in the bottom of the kettle changes a color a bit with use. I’m not a chemist so I don’t know whether this is something to be concerned about.


The lid doesn’t open very wide making COMFEE’ glass electric tea kettle a bit difficult to clean.


COMFEE’ glass electric tea kettle works reasonably well, at least initially. Reliability reports and some of the other flaws makes you question how good really is this electric kettle but then again you can’t expect much from budget priced appliance.

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