COKLAI 7.3-Qt Stand Mixer Review (CMKM-668R)

COKLAI CMKM-668R is a stand mixer with 7.3 quart bowl and 350 watt motor.


COKLAI CMKM-668R is less expensive than many other stand mixers but is there really any difference in mixing? Yes, there is!

COKLAI CMKM-668R doesn’t mix as well as more advanced models however it still does the job just fine and is miles better than using a regular hand mixer. There are 10 different speed setting and pulsating mode.

One thing to note is that this stand mixer is a bit louder than most others so if you are looking for something quiet then this isn’t it.


COKLAI CMKM-668R stand mixer comes with dough hook, beater and a whisk. Attachments do feel less sturdy than the ones that come with more expensive stand mixers.


Bowl is made of stainless steel and with 7.3 quart capacity is pretty large (and so is the stand mixer itself). This stand mixer also features splash guard.


COKLAI CMKM-668R is a relatively inexpensive stand mixer so as expected it’s not as good as more expensive models but it still works well for the money.

COKLAI CMKM-668R 7.3-Qt Stand Mixer Specifications:

  • Power: 350W
  • Bowl capacity: 7.3-quarts
  • Speeds: 10 + “Pulsating” mode
  • Package contents:
    • COKLAI 7.3-Qt Stand Mixer
    • Dough hook
    • Beater
    • Whisk
    • Splash guard
    • Mixing bowl
    • User manual

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