COKLAI 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer Review

COKLAI CMKM-199G is a stand mixer with 575 motor and 5.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl.


COKLAI CMKM-199G is a relatively affordable stand mixer. It performs well for one but it’s obviously not as good as a KitchenAid.

The motor feels quite powerful however instructions say that you can’t run it for more than 5 minute continuously. This causes some inconvenience as some doughs require more than 5 minutes of mixing.

Another weakness is that you will have to scrape sides more often than you would with a KitchenAid. It’s also is a bit loud.

There are 6 speed options + Pulse mode.

COKLAI CMKM-199G does the job but with some nuances you don’t have to go through with higher end models.


The build-quality is good but it’s not as well built as KitchenAid models. Housing is made of plastic, mixer head of aluminum. One advantage of housing being plastic is that it makes stand mixer lighter so it’s easier to carry.


COKLAI 5.5-Quart stand mixer comes with hook, beater and whisk.


COKLAI CMKM-199G is equipped with suction cups that provide really good suction power and keeps stand mixer in place really well. Other features include tilt-head design and splash guard with access hatch (which is a bit small so it’s not too comfortable to use).


For the money COKLAI CMKM-199G is a decent stand mixer. It’s obviously not as good in any way as higher-end models like KitchenAid KSM150PS Artisan however if you are not ready to spend a lot of money and you are ready to live with some of the flaws then COKLAI is not a bad choice.

COKLAI CMKM-199G 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer Specifications:

  • Power: 575W
  • Mixing capacity: 5.5 Quarts
  • Speed settings: 6 + “Pulse”
  • Attachments:
    • 1 x Hook
    • 1 x Beater
    • 1 x Whisk

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