Chefman RJ23-SG Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill Review

Chefman RJ23-SG is electric indoor grill with 150 square inch cooking area and adjustable temperature control.

Chefman RJ23-SG Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

For an affordable indoor grill Chefman RJ23-SG works quite well. Leaves grill marks and burger patties taste quite close to how they would if they were cooked on a real grill. Chefman RJ23-SG is mostly smokeless too thanks to the water tray.

Works fairly well for steaks, chicken, fish and vegetables too. In some cases the results perhaps won’t be quite as heavenly as they would be like with a high-end grill like Breville BGR820XL but most of the time they will be delicious and more than good enough.

There are 3 temperature zones so the temperatures does vary across the cooking surface. The left side is medium zone, middle is high zone and right side is low zone. These zones can be useful if you are cooking different items at the same time (for a whole meal) but can also make a large part of surface kind of unusable if you are just cooking 1 item.

Control panel

Being inexpensive model the control panel of Chefman RJ23-SG is very simple and basic. It features temperature control dial and ”On/Off” indicator light. There are no temperature indicators, instead you get ‘’lines’’ on the control dial

Clean up

Grill top and water tray are removable and dishwasher safe making clean up fairly easy.


Chefman RJ23-SG features cool handles and overheat protection.


For an affordable unit Chefman RJ23-SG works very well. It’s of course not as good as high-end models but to be fair it will be good enough for most consumers. The only question is how long the nonstick coating will last as sometimes they don’t for long on inexpensive models but this might not be the case with Chefman RJ23-SG as consumer feedback is quite positive.

Chefman RJ23-SG Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 1120W
  • Cooking area: 150 square inches
  • Certifications/Safety Listings:
    • cETL

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