Chefman RJ05-R 3-In-1 Electric Indoor Grill Pot & Skillet Review

Chefman RJ05-R is a 3-in-1 electric indoor skillet/grill with 10-inch cooking surface (in diameter). It has adjustable temperature from 200° to 450°F.

Cooking with Chefman RJ05-R 3-In-1 Electric Indoor Grill Pot & Skillet

Chefman RJ05-R is fairly versatile -you can grill with it, you can fry with it, you can steam with it. It’s large enough to cook for 2 people at a time (sometimes only 1 depending on portion size and what you cook) and does a good job of producing delicious results.

Chefman RJ05-R heats up fast and temperature control seem to be fairly accurate. Temperature distribution across the cooking surface is even (meaning it cooks evenly). Pan has good depth which is what you need in certain situations like when you make a strew.

It does work more like a grill than actual skillet so that’s something to keep in mind. The cooking surface is grill type (with ridges) whereas in certain situations you do want to have a flat surface like when you are cooking eggs.

There’s also no grease tray or grease draining system so all the fat does remain in the pan.


Chefman RJ05-R is equipped with temperature control knob that’s attached to power cord and is removable from the grill. For some reason temperatures are not marked on the dial – instead there are color markings which is weird choice but it’s not a big deal once you get used to it.

Clean up

Temperature control knob is removable and once you detach it the remaining unit (cooking pan and lid) are dishwasher safe. On top of that cooking surface is nonstick so food typically doesn’t stick to it.


The unit is also quite lightweight which might initially make you feel it’s ‘’cheap’’ – this is a trick our brains play on us because they associate weight with sturdiness and quality. In fact many companies add weights inside their products to artifically make them heavier to make them feel more quality.

Cord is a bit short so you will have to use this unit quite close from plug.


Chefman RJ05-R is a very affordable electric skillet/grill yet it works and cooks well! It’s not as good as models that cost 4-5 times more (obviously) but if you are looking for inexpensive indoor skillet/grill this is one of the models you should consider.

Chefman RJ05-R 3-In-1 Electric Indoor Grill Pot & Skillet Specifications:

  • Power: 1200W
  • Temperature range: 200° to 450°F
  • Cooking surface diameter: 10 inches
  • Cooking capacity: 3 quarts

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