Capresso 570.01 Infinity Plus Coffee Burr Grinder Review

Capresso 570.01 Infinity Plus is updated version of Infinity 560.01 burr grinder we wrote about previously. You would naturally expect Infinity Plus to be better but is it really?


Grinding performance is quite similar to that of 560.01 as expected. Capresso Infinity 570.01 grinds on the finer side so even coarser settings will be too fine for something like French Press or Cold brew. As most inexpensive burr grinders it’s also not perfect for espresso but you can still get a decent flavor.

What Capresso Infinity Plus 570.01 is really good (for the money) is medium to medium-fine grinds like drip, aeropress and siphon brews. Grind is quite uniform and you can get a good flavor out of the beans.

For the money grind performance is good but not as good as you get with more expensive burr grinders. For example slightly more expensive Baratza Encore is a better alternative. Baratza Sette 30, Breville BCG820BSS Pro and Fellow Ode are significantly better albeit they are considerably more expensive than Capresso Infinity Plus 570.01 even though they are still considered to be relatively cheap for a burr grinder.


Capresso 570.01 Infinity Plus uses solid steel conical burrs.

Bean and grounds containers

Bean container holds up 11 ounces of beans whereas ground container up to 4 ounces of grounds coffee. Both of them are made of plastic (which is somewhat a bad thing as plastic containers have more static cling than glass).


Quality is a bit lacking. The predecessor Capresso Infinity 560.01 burr grinder seems to be better built so you should probably chose that over the 570.01.

Static cling and messiness

Messiness and static cling are probably the largest issues of Capresso Infinity Plus 570.01. It does spit out some grounds when you grind as well if you remove grounds bin shortly after grinding static will spew grounds over the counter.

One more issue is that it’s quite difficult to clean. There’s some residue and quite a bit of grounds tend to accumulate in the burrs and they are bit difficult to clean (in a sense it’s hard to get everything out).


You can rotate bean container to select grind coarseness (there’s a total of 16 settings) and below it there’s a dial to adjust amount to be grinded (0 to 12 cups). The amount it grinds is not precise and varies depending on beans, likely due to the nature of it working as a timer.


Weirdly enough the preceding model Capresso Infinity 560.01 is better burr grinder as an overall package. They both do grind pretty well for the money but if you are willing to spend more there are many better options. It must be said that for the money both versions of Capresso Infinity perform great but they are not great for every type of coffee.

Capresso 570.01 Infinity Plus Coffee Burr Grinder Specifications:

  • Grinder Type: Solid steel conical burs
  • Grind options: 16
  • Bean container capacity: 11 ounces
  • Grounds bin capacity: 4 ounces

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