Camp Chef Tahoe 16 TB90LW Triple Burner Stove Review

Camp Chef Tahoe 16 (also known as Camp Chef TB90LW) is a triple burner stove with 608 square inches of cooking area. Each burner can output 30,000 BTU/hr creating a very strong flame.

Cooking with Camp Chef Tahoe 16 TB90LW Triple Burner Stove

Burners are quite large so they work well with big pots and since they are very powerful too you can feed larger crowds of people with Camp Chef Tahoe 16 TB90LW. It brings water to boil very fast (faster than stovetop), works great for canning and is compatible with Camp Chef accessories like 3 burner griddle or 2 burner SS BBQ grill box

Using it is quite simple too. It has starter that creates spark to ignite and fully adjustable heat-control dials that allows you to control the flame. There is one small issue though – even on lower knob setting the flame is still a bit high.

With three-sided windscreen and powerful burners Camp Chef Tahoe TB90LW works well even in windy conditions.


Camp Chef Tahoe 16 is a somewhat portable grill that you can use for camping. It’s bigger and heavier (47 pounds) than portable grills typically are so you won’t be carrying it for long distances however since you can assemble it in 20 minutes and it has some serious heat output it works rather well for this purpose. Works well for tailgating or grilling at home too.


Camp Chef Tahoe 16 comes with Regulator, 3 ft. hose and 3-sided windscreen. Legs are adjustable and even removable.


It might look a bit flimsy but the quality is pretty good actually. It’s sturdy even though some of the materials are not of the best quality. There’s some room for improvement though – for example legs could be sturdier but overall quality is quite decent.

Possible issues

Large majority of consumer feedback about Camp Chef Tahoe TB90LW is very positive – more positive than usual for gas grills however that doesn’t mean some people haven’t had any issues with this model. Some of the issues few consumers experienced include: defective ignitors, knob/knobs getting hot during cooking and rust spots appearing after a while.


For the money Camp Chef Tahoe TB90LW is remarkable gas grill of its type. Of course it’s not perfect however its flaws are rather minor so it’s hard to complain unless you are ready to spend more money.

Camp Chef Tahoe 16 TB90LW Triple Burner Stove Specifications:

  • Cooking Surface Area: 608 sq. in.
  • Stove Dimensions: 16″ x 38″
  • Burners:
    • Type: Cast aluminum
    • Amount: 3
    • BTU/hr output per burner: 30,000
    • Total BTU/hr output: 90,000
  • Cooking Height: 30″
  • Weight: 47 lb

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