BUYDEEM K2423 Tea Maker/Electric Kettle Review

BUYDEEM K2423 is tea maker/electric kettle with 1.2 liter capacity.


BUYDEEM K2423 heats up water reasonably fast (withing few minutes). The water doesn’t touch any plastic parts so it tastes and smells pure.

There are 5 temperature settings: 175°F (Green tea), 185°F (White tea), 195°F (Oolong tea), 205°F (Black/Herbal tea) and 212°F (boil). You first select the desired temperature, let the water warm up (tea maker will beep and tea button will flash when the water has been heated up) and then you can add tea.

After you add tea close the lid and make sure the arrow on it lines up with “closed” label. Now give some time to let tea steep. Once the steeping process is completed BUYDEEM K2423 will beep and blink again.

Each temperature settings has default steeping times: 205°F for 2 minutes, 195°F and 185°F for 3 minutes, 175°F for 1 minute. You can also change the steeping time if necessary. Press the button once to enter custom mode and then each following press will increase the steeping time by 1 minute starting from 0 minutes.

BUYDEEM K2423 will automatically keep the tea warm for 60 minutes however you can cancel this by pressing “STOP” button.

The tea filter basket is quite large which is a huge advantage over other tea maker electric kettles.


Controls are are simple as they get for electric kettle with multiple temperature options. Each temperature settings gets its own button. The upside of this is that it really is super simple, easy and fast to use however models with manual adjustments give you a lot more temperature options even if they are not as convenient to use.

This is more of a preference thing – for some these 5 temperature options will be all they ever need but others will find a use for ability to choose any temperature you want that you get on some of the other models.


BUYDEEM K2423 feels well made and is quite sturdy. It’s mostly made of high quality materials like stainless steel and German schott duran borosilicate glass.


Design is perhaps the least important subject when it comes to choosing tea maker electric kettle but it’s certainly nice if the one you choose looks great too. In this regard BUYDEEM K2423 doesn’t disappoint as it’s quite attractive with its see-through borosilicate glass water container and stainless steel parts.


BUYDEEM K2423 has anti boil-dry protective feature that will detect if there is too little or no water at all inside the kettle and automatically switch it off.


For the money BUYDEEM K2423 is a really good tea maker/electric kettle. Some of the more expensive models are better in a sense that they are more feature rich however for most consumers they won’t really be necessary.

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