BOSSIN 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

BOSSIN 24-bottle wine cooler works in temperature range of 40°F – 61°F (~4°C to ~16°C). It does work pretty well in sense that it maintains temperature constant.

In product description it’s said it holds 24 bottles of wine and will fit most of the 750ml wine bottles (it’s designed for bottles that are 12.4″ tall and 2.95″ wide) however bottles might actually fail to go all the way inside in the top shelf therefore you might only fit like 20.

Each shelf is 12.99 inches deep and 14.17 inches wide.


Manufacturer describes BOSSIN 24-bottle wine cooler as quiet which really isn’t the case – it does make high pitched sounds when it cools and occasionally some gurgling noises too. It’s not super loud but calling it quiet isn’t appropriate – you can expect it to make some noise.

If you are specifically looking for a unit that’s quiet then you should probably look for a different model of wine cooler.


BOSSIN 24-bottle wine cooler has air tight seal and double pane glass door maintaining perfect humidity level and protecting your bottles from UV rays.

It has blue LED interior lighting that according to manufacturer doesn’t harm quality of wine.

It also features touch control panel that allows you to adjust temperature and there’s also a digital temperature readout.

Design and dimensions

BOSSIN 24-bottle wine cooler is very sleek looking and elegant. It’s 29.1 inches high, 17.7 inches wide and 16.9 inches deep.


Overall this is a decent wine cooler. It’s not perfect but if its specs match your needs you probably will be satisfied with it.

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