Bonsenkitchen CT8802 Portable Touch Induction Cooktop Review

Bonsenkitchen CT8802 is a portable induction cooktop with touch sensitive controls. It has temperature range of 140°F to 460°F with 9 different wattage modes.

Bonsenkitchen CT8802 Portable Touch Induction Cooktop

Bonsenkitchen CT8802 heats up very fast and brings water to boil faster than a regular stove. It also doesn’t emit heat like electric range or gas stoves. These are well known advantages of induction cooktops which shows that Bonsenkitchen CT8802 works properly like it’s supposed to.

There are some disadvantages too. As you might know already induction cooktops don’t work with all types of cookware. It will work with cookware that has magnetic bottom like cast iron or stainless steel but it won’t work with others like regular aluminum or ceramic.

Bottom of cookware must be at least 4 inches (10 centimeters) in diameter but no more than 8.7 inches (22 centimeters).

The biggest flaw of this model is probably the available cooking temperatures. You can’t adjust temperature in 5 degree increments to get always get precise temperature you want/need. Instead you get to choose from 8 presets: 140°F, 180°F, 260°F, 300°F, 340°F, 380°F, 420°F or 460°F. As you can see the increments between different temperature settings are quite large and can be problematic in some situations like when you want to simmer.

Overall Bonsenkitchen CT8802 works well but there are some limitations as written above.

Power levels

Bonsenkitchen CT8802 portable induction cooktop has 9 power (wattage) levels:

  • P1: 100W
  • P2: 300W
  • P3: 600W
  • P4: 800W
  • P5: 1000W
  • P6: 1200W
  • P7: 1400W
  • P8: 1600W
  • P9: 1800W


Bonsenkitchen CT8802 is equipped with fan that makes some noise. It’s not loud but you can definitely hear humming in quiet setting which some can find annoying.


Bonsenkitchen CT8802 features timer function, overheat protection, non-stick glass surface and it’s also ETL certified.


Although it’s not perfect Bonsenkitchen CT8802 works well if you can live with some of its limitations. It’s fairly affordable unit so it’s easier to forgive it for its downsides.

Bonsenkitchen CT8802 Portable Touch Induction Cooktop Specifications:

  • Compatible cookware base diameter: 4’’ to 8.7’’ (inches)
  • Temperature
    • Temperature settings: 8
    • Temperature range: 140°F to 460°F
  • Wattage
    • Wattage settings: 9
    • Wattage range: 100W to 1800W
  • Weight: 4.85 lb / 2.2 kg

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