Bodum 11940-01US Bistro Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle Review

Bodum 11940-01US bistro gooseneck electric water kettle can hold up to 34 ounces of water


Bodum 11940-01US gooseneck electric kettle has slightly less power than most competing models so it takes slightly longer to make water boil (but the difference isn’t that big).

What’s perhaps more troubling is that water does touch plastic which might contaminate water with bad chemicals. It’s hard to estimate how much of bad chemicals might be released this way and whether there are enough of them that they might cause some negative effects on your health but some people like to avoid kettles with plastic parts.

This also might cause water taste a bit different, you might notice plastic smell or taste.

On top of that there are some similarly priced kettles where water doesn’t touch plastic but they might be hard to find as they are few and far between.


Bodum 11940-01US electric kettle feels reasonably well made for its price however a few consumers have had issues with reliability.


Bodum 11940-01US gooseneck electric kettle is very attractive but for the money it should be slightly better. It’s not necessarily a bad kettle but it does feel a bit overpriced.

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