Bodum 11750-01US Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Bodum 11750-01US Bistro is entry level 160 watt conical stainless steel burr coffee grinder with 8 ounce coffee bean container, plastic grind catcher and 12 grind settings.


Grinding performance is nothing to rave about but it’s better than using blade grinder. Bodum 11750-01US Bistro is an entry level burr grinder so you can’t expect it to be amazing. If you love your coffee and can afford more expensive models there are far superior alternatives available.

Don’t mistaken this model with Bodum BISTRO 10903 which looks very similar and overall has pretty decent reviews from critics but is quite a bit better than 11750-01US.


Bodum 11750-01US Bistro is very messy, actually one of the messiest burr grinders. Ground container doesn’t align properly so during grinding it shoots grounds all over the counter which makes for tedious cleanup and wasted beans. Even after grinding you will experience another issue – static cling which makes thing even more messy.


There’s a considerably amount of consumer reports about their Bodum 11750-01US Bistro failing after few weeks or months of use. This might indicate that long-term reliability might be an issue and that failure rate of this model might be significantly higher than usual.


This is not mentioned in the manual but Bodum 11750-01US Bistro comes with plastic grinding ring which you have to insert yourself. Some consumers realize this and had issues with burr grinder not working.


Bodum 11750-01US Bistro is one of the least expensive burr grinders you can buy however it’s messy, might have long-term reliability issues and grind performance is mediocre. If you care about your coffee look for a better model (Baratza Encore, Baratza Sette 30, Breville BCG820BSS Pro, Fellow Ode and Capresso Infinity 560.01 are good alternatives at different price points).

Bodum 11750-01US Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder Specifications:

  • Rated voltage (US Spec): 120V~60Hz
  • Rated Power: 160 Watt
  • Grinder Type: stainless steel conical burs
  • Grind options: 12
  • Bean container capacity: up to 9 ounces (220 grams)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 16.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 30.2 cm

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