Blackstone 28-inch 1883 Griddle Review

Blackstone 1883 is a 28-inch griddle With 524 square inches of cooking area. It’s equipped with 2 Stainless “H” Burners than can output a total of 34,000 BTU per hour. Blackstone 28-inch 1883 griddle uses 20 pound propane tank.

Cooking with Blackstone 28-inch 1883 Griddle

Blackstone 28-inch 1883 griddle works well. It cooks evenly. Make sure you season it properly and results will be great. If you know what you are doing the food will be amazing and delicious!

Other features

Blackstone 28-inch 1883 griddle has piezo ignition dual, rear grease management system (tray), side shelves, integrated hood and wheels for mobility.


Blackstone 28-inch 1883 griddle measures 53 inches wide by 25.375 inches deep by 37 inches tall.

Possible issues

The most common issues that consumers have complained about is receiving dented unit (can happen during shipping) and paint quality being bad causing rusting. It’s hard to estimate precisely how common these issues are but most consumer feedback is positive (and they seem to be more of an exception than the rule)!


Blackstone 28-inch 1883 griddle works well and is all around a good product for the money. If you are interested in alternatives then Camp Chef FTG600 might be worth checking out – it is more versatile and overall better but it is also usually sold at a higher price.

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