BLACK+DECKER ST8600 String Trimmer/Edger Review – 13-Inch; 5-Amp

BLACK and DECKER ST8600 is budged priced corded string trimmer. It has 5.0 amp motor, POWERDRIVE transmission and does 7,700 RPM at no load. BLACK and DECKER ST8600 uses 0.065” line and has cutting swath of 13 inches.

Power is decent and it handles everything you would find in a normal yard.

It can also be converted to edger.


It has AFS (automatic feed spool) system that automatically feeds line when needed. It does work but it uses way too much line. You can disable the system by blocking AFS level from moving with duct tape or super glue or alternatively you can wind the line on the spool in opposite direction – however we don’t recommend doing it as manufacturer didn’t design the product with such modifications in mind and consequences are unpredictable!

It’s adjustable in height and handle pivots.

Weight & dimensions

BLACK+DECKER ST8600 is pretty light – it weighs just 5.35 pounds so it fatigues muscles less than other string trimmers.


Other than Automatic Feed Spool system wasting too much line BLACK and DECKER ST8600 also has other flaws.

It isn’t compatible with 3 prong outdoor extension cord – you need to either buy an adapter or find a 2 prong extension cord instead.

Also as a budget priced string trimmer the build quality is also “budget priced”. It’s made of cheap materials and isn’t sturdy – it probably won’t cause much trouble if you are using your tools with care but neither should you be surprised if some part breaks.

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BLACK+DECKER ST8600 offers great value for money. It’s very inexpensive yet surprisingly powerful. However it does have some serious flaws – whether you can live with them is up to you!


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BLACK and DECKER ST8600 Corded 5.0 Amp String Trimmer/Edger Specs:

  • Type: Electric (cord powered)
  • No load speed: 7,700 RPM
  • Cutting path: 13”
  • Line diameter: 0.065”
  • Weight: 5.35 lbs
  • Package contents (may vary):
    • 1 x ST8600 13″ String Trimmer/Edger
    • 1 x AF-100 Spool
    • 1 x Guard
    • 1 x Auxiliary Handle

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