BLACK+DECKER MX1500W Lightweight Hand Mixer Review

BLACK+DECKER MX1500W is an inexpensive hand mixer from a reputable company, but is it any good? Let’s find out!


BLACK+DECKER MX1500W has 175 watt motor which is not that powerful. It does mix most of the stuff just fine but can struggle a bit with tougher and harder doughs. For a more serious jobs you will want to use a stand mixer with a more powerful motor, but for simple tasks BLACK+DECKER MX1500W works just fine.


BLACK+DECKER MX1500W hand mixer comes with two beaters that are dishwasher safe.


Being a cheap hand mixer the quality isn’t the best. The attachments are made of thin metal, they also are a bit more difficult to insert and take out than on more expensive hand mixers. Some consumers also have reported they attachments rusting after some use.


BLACK+DECKER MX1500W is comfortable to hold and is lighter than most hand mixers.


BLACK+DECKER MX1500W is a budget priced hand mixer so expectations have to be realistic. Overall quality of the product isn’t great and neither is it very powerful, but for simple tasks it does the job and works reasonably well for a cheap hand mixer.

BLACK+DECKER MX1500W Lightweight Hand Mixer Specifications:

  • Power: 175W
  • Speeds: 5 + “Turbo” button
  • Attachments:
    • 2 x Beaters

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