BLACK+DECKER is a reputable company whose products have left rather positive impressions on us in the past. So you would expect the same from BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 snow blower, right? Wrong!


BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 snow blower has rubber auger with 21″ clearing path. It has brushless motor that runs on 2.5Ah 40 Volt lithium batteries.


BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 just isn’t powerful enough. It does work fine with up to 3 inches of light snow but anything more than that it does struggle quite a bit – expect it to stall frequently and having to push it very slowly. Very few consumers will find it to have adequate power for their needs.

BLACK+DECKER says that it throws snow up to 20 feet, in reality you can expect 1-2 feet.


Despite the poor performance it seems to be well built for the most part. The main gripe is plastic rear wheels which doesn’t provide enough grip when turning or moving on an incline.

BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 is easy to assemble.


As mentioned previously BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 runs on 2.5Ah 40 Volt batteries. They only last about 10 minutes each and are recommended to be kept in ambient air temperature of at least 40°F.


It’s no surprise that BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 has been discontinued however it’s still sold in some places. For majority consumers it’s far from being powerful enough and value for money is terrible.

BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 Snow Blower Specs:

  • Clearing Path: 21″
  • Type: Electric / Battery powered
  • Battery: 2.5Ah 40 Volt MAX Lithium Ion
  • Chute: 180° rotatable
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x LCSB2140 40V MAX* Lithium Snow Thrower
    • 2 x 2.5Ah 40V MAX* Lithium Batteries
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Anti-Jam Rod
    • 1 x Safety Key

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