Black and Decker LST300 Electric Weed Wacker Review

Black and Decker LST300 is a budged priced electric weed wacker with 20-volt Lithium Ion battery. It has 12 inch cutting swath and uses 0.065 inch line.

For the most part Black+Decker LST300 works pretty good. It handles regular grass well so for most backyard work it’s powerful enough however it might struggle with really thick weeds. It’s far from being the most powerful electric weed wacker out there but for most consumers it’s powerful enough. From all of the consumer feedback less than 10% have complained about lack of power.


Ergonomics are good. Black+Decker LST300 weighs 5.7 lbs so it’s not too heavy to be excruciating to use. Length is adjustable and handle pivots.


Black and Decker LST300 features automatic feed spool (you don’t have to stop and bump).


Battery lasts around 20-25 minutes which might be not enough for some and takes about 6 hours to charge.

Battery is easy to remove and insert so you can purchase additional ones if necessary (with same or even more capacity). Drawback is that you have to spend more money in that case, which is a pretty big drawback in fairness.

By the way batteries are interchangeable between different Black and Decker cordless products.

Build Quality

Build quality is average. Some of the parts feel cheap and a bit flimsy but Black+Decker LST300 should be just fine as long as you don’t abuse it. Another disadvantage of Black+Decker LST300 is that replacing spools is a bit difficult but you should get hang of it over time.

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Overall Black and Decker LST300 is a good electric weed wacker for the price. It has some flaws but you will have to spend more for a better weed wacker.

Black and Decker LST300 Cordless String Trimmer Specs:

  • Type: Electric (battery powered)
  • RPM at no load: 6,200
  • Cutting path: 12”
  • Line diameter: 0.065”
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs (~2.6 kg)
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V MAX* Cordless Trimmer/Edger
    • 1 x LBXR2020 20V MAX* lithium ion battery
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x AF-100 Spool
    • 1 x Guard

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