Best Plus Size Waist Trainers (Review) – 2023

Best plus size waist trainers will give you hourglass figure and reduce waist line. There are also other advantages to using waist trainers – they give support to your back which results in improved posture and reduced back pain. Some even claim they help with postpartum recovery, fat burning and weight loss.

I have done immense research to help you choose the best plus size waist trainer out of 19 different ones!

#1 Nebility Women Waist Trainer

Nebility women waist trainer is made out of high quality nylon & spandex blended soft fabrics. The material is nice and contours your body nicely, the corset has 3 rows of hook and eye closure as well 2 adjustable shoulder straps. The manufacturer claims the product can flatten abdomen, reduce waistline, improve posture and relieve stress on your back.

Nebility waist trainer is hard to put on – it’s very tight. Despite this it is very comfortable to wear, you can breathe with no problems despite the tightness and easily wear it for a whole day (maybe not for the first few days for some). The waist trainer improves the shape (creating beautiful hourglass figure) and size of the waist considerably. It provides support to reduce stress on your back and improves your posture. It’s long enough and doesn’t roll up. It doesn’t increase sweating by as large margin like most other waist trainers, which can either be a positive or negative depending on your needs and wants. The material seems durable and doesn’t irritate skin.

Nebility waist trainer should be only hand washed and hanged dry. Ironing, machine washing and dry cleaning might damage or decrease the quality of it.


Overall Nebility waist trainer is well made, comfortable and works very well. It’s a great product.

#2 LODAY Womens Wast Trainer

LODAY’s waist trainer is made of 80% neoprene, 10% polyester and 10% nylon. It has a strong smell to it which disappears over time.

The waist trainer is thick enough to hold the heat in order to increase sweating. While wearing it you don’t feel like you are sweating a lot (you can certainly feel that you are sweating though), but when you take it off, especially after workout, you see quite a bit of sweat. Putting it on is a bit of struggle, so is taking it off however the latter is easier. It fits nicely and is tall enough, it also doesn’t roll up. It’s snug yet manages to be comfortable. LODAY’s waist trainer seems to be durable, the hooks are sturdy and strong. It improves the posture and decreases pressure on your back which also helps with back pain.


Overall LODAY’s waist trainer is a well made, sturdy product that’s effective.

#3 YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latex Waist Trainer Corset

YIANNA waist trainer is made out of three layers: the inner layer is made out of soft materials – 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex; the middle layer is made out of 100% natural latex; the outer layer is made out of durable nylon, lycra & spandex. The fabric is breathable and decently sweat absorbent. It has nine flexible and durable spiral felixboning supports as well three hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing.

YIANNA waist trainer is certainly very comfortable and soft. It helps with posture a lot. It might be a bit hard to get into it at first but you will get hang of it. It also noticeably reduces and shrinks waist and stomach. It seems to be quite durable and well made. It does have a weird smell to it initially because of the latex, but after a while it dissipates.


Overall YIANNA waist trainer is well made and it works well.

#4 Gotoly Quick Weight Loss Waist Cincher Tank Top

Gotoly waist trainer is made of 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex. Gotoly waist trainer makes you look slimmer by reducing waistline, it provides support to your sides and back which relieves lower back pain and improves posture. It can also help with postpartum recovery by reducing swelling, supporting core abdominal muscles and returning uterus to its original size faster.

Gotoly waist trainer is light and comfortable, at first you might feel some discomfort but it won’t take long for your body to get used to the way this waist trainer hugs you. It provides a nice support to lower back and you can feel it relief stress and tension in that area. If you experience lower back pain this waist trainer will reduce it. It makes you sweat more during workouts but it’s cool enough in the summer too. Looks good and smooth under clothes. It doesn’t roll up however some might find it to be a bit too short.

The waist trainer could be better made though. It only has two stems of boning in the back. Durability doesn’t seem to be bad but some flaws indicate that longevity wise this product probably isn’t among the best.


Overall Gotoly waist trainer works very well but long-term durability of it might be questionable.

#5 TAILONG Neoprene Waist Trainer Corset

TAILONG waist trainer corset is made out of neoprene and has spiral steel bones supports.

TAILONG waist trainer corset is very snug but not too tight where it would create discomfort, overall this waist trainer can be described as rather comfortable. You can exercise vigorously and it holds your stomach just fine. The waist trainer doesn’t roll up and is long enough, it also noticeably increases sweating. The fabric is breathable and soft, it doesn’t irritate skin. Choosing the right size can be a bit tricky though, some consumers have noted that they preferred one size down.


Overall TAILONG waist trainer is a pretty good product.

#6 FeelinGirl Neoprene Waist Cincher

FeelinGirl waist cincher reduces waistline up to 3 sizes. It improves posture and makes you sweat more which helps with detoxifying. The waist trainer is made from 2 millimeter thick single-layer neoprene fabric. It has a small inside pocket where you can put some small items like keys or your mp3 player.

It fits well and is tight, but not uncomfortable. The fabric is thick enough to trap heat and promote sweating (by a lot when you are exercising) but it isn’t too thick, you can wear it under other clothes like shirts. The fabric nicely absorbs the sweat. FeelinGirl waist cincher stays in place and doesn’t roll up during workouts, it provides nice support to your back and improves your posture.


Overall FeelinGirl waist cincher works just fine, it’s a good product for work outs.

#7 Eleady Women’s Underbust Corset Waist Trainer

Eleady waist trainer is made out of 90% polyster and 10% spandex. It’s mainly designated for working out and making you sweat more to improve your weight loss progress.

Eleady waist trainer is very comfortable, you don’t feel tight in it and can often forget that you are even wearing it. You can easily wear it all day long without any kind of discomfort, it’s also not noticeable under shirts. It makes you sweat more but the fabric is pretty breathable. It’s well made, the fabric is high quality and seems to be very durable. It also keeps your posture straight and provides decent support to lower back. Manufacturer suggests to softly hand wash Eleady waist trainer for maximum longevity.


Eleady waist trainer is well made and works well.

#8 Lover-Beauty Women’s Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher

Lover-Beauty waist cincher is made out of 96% cotton + 4% spandex blend and 100% latex materials. It has 9-piece spiral steel bone and 3 rows of hooks structure that’s flexible and creates good amount of stiffness and adjustability.

Lover-Beauty waist cincher really helps to shape your midsection, when you wear it your waistline decreases by multiple inches. The inside materials are soft and comfortable, getting it on is a bit difficult but once you get it on it’s comfortable to wear. It might feel a bit tight at first but you get used to it fast. It doesn’t bend or roll up and doesn’t show up under clothes. It also makes your midsection sweat a lot more, sweat absorption could be better though. It also provides a noticeable support to your back – you can notice this if you have lower back pain which this waist cincher decreases.


Overall this is a pretty good waist cincher.

#9 Joyshaper Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

Joyshaper waist trainer is made out of 80% neoprene and 20% nylon. It’s designed with 3 rows hooks & 1 zipper for different level of compression.

Joyshaper waist trainer is super comfortable, however depending on your body shape some might find the straps causing some slight discomfort. The material is thick – Joyshaper waist cincher is durable and increases sweating by a large amount. Provides a lot of support to your back and really improves posture.


Overall Joyshaper waist trainer is a good product but might not work well with some body shapes.

#10 CtriLady Waist Trainer

CtriLady Waist Trainer is made out of nylon and spandex blend material.

It fits very well except shoulder straps could fit more snug, overall it’s very comfortable. Covers entire stomach and makes you sweat a lot! Stay put and doesn’t roll up. It does stretch over time so perhaps ordering one size smaller would be wise. Decreases waist line by multiple inches.


CtriLady Waist Trainer has some flaws but overall it’s a still pretty good product.

#11 Joyshaper Waist Trainer Corset

Joyshaper waist trainer corset is made out of 80% neoprene and 20% nylon. Manufacturer suggests only soft hand wash in water temperature no more than 40°C.

The fabric of Joyshaper waist trainer is of just right thickness – it’s thick enough to trap the heat and promote sweating but not too thick where it would restrict movement or feel uncomfortable. It’s certainly not bulky and fits well under clothes. It fits quite well on your body too but could be slightly more snug. Joyshaper waist trainer absorbs sweat well and holds it in. Evens rolls and decreases waistline albeit by not as big margin as some other cinchers.


Some improvements could be made to Joyshaper waist trainer but overall it’s decent product.

#12 LODAY Waist Trainer Corset

LODAY waist trainer corset is made out of 96% cotton + 4% spandex lining and it has non latex rubber covering. It’s construction consists of four spiral steel boning and three rows of hooks. The corset should be washed only by hand.

LODAY waist trainer is comfortable and the fabric is breathable. It does stretch out after a couple of uses so perhaps ordering one size down is a wiser choice. Another criticism is that it could be a bit taller – depending on your body dimensions the corset might be too short for some. It provides a lot of back support which really reduces back pain. You will also notice increase of sweating in midsection, especially while exercising.


LODAY waist trainer isn’t perfect but overall it’s still a pretty good product.

#13 MISS MOLY Latex Waist Trainer/Cincher

MISS MOLY waist trainer made out of later material. It has 7 spiral steel bone which is flexible in order to provide just the right amount of compression.

MISS MOLY waist trainer has a strong rubber smell to it but it goes away after some use. It seems to run small and for most ordering one size up seems to be the right choice. It’s comfortable and works well, but it’s not among most effective waists cinchers. It smooths out any rolls you have, improves posture a bit, it’s comfortable and you can easily breath or bend in it.


Overall this is a pretty decent waist trainer but it isn’t among the best ones.

#14 DILANNI Women Latex Waist Training Cincher

DILANNI waist training cincher has 9 spiral felixboning supports and 3 rows of hook eye design. The linning and front layer is made out of cotton, while the middle is made from latex.

The waist trainer is very snug and tight, you might feel a bit uncomfortable at first but your body will get used to it within few days at most. The material of waist cincher is a bit thin so there is possibility of some rolling up. It decreases the waistline by multiple inches and improves posture a lot. The fabric is strong and sturdy, it also increases sweating.


Decent product but it has some flaws so it’s far from best.

#15 YIANNA Neoprene Waist Trainer

YIANNA waist trainer is made out of neoprene, polyester and spandex. It works as sports bra, waist trimmer and waist trainer at the same time.

YIANNA waist trainer fits perfectly – it’s snug and adapts well to the dimensions of your body. At least if you manage to choose the right size for you – choosing the right sizing is a bit tricky (it seems they run a bit small and the waist trainer stretches over time). YIANNA waist trainer is very comfortable and increases sweating in midsection by a lot. Gives a lot of support to your back too and has a small interior pocket. It could be a bit taller though, some consumers complain about it not properly covering the lower part of stomach.


Works well, just not as well as the best ones.

#16 ANGOOL Waist Trainer

ANGOOL waist trainer is made out of later free neoprene. It has a nice Velcro closure waistband that makes this waist trainer easy to put on and off. It’s essentially identical to YIANNA Neoprene Waist Trainer.

ANGOOL waist trainer is comfortable and fits very well if you choose the right sizing (they seem to run a bit small sizing wise). Increases sweating by a ton, especially if you are working out. For most it’s long enough however few consumers have complained that it’s not, so I guess it depends on your body shape. Provides strong support to your back, decreasing the chance of back related injuries (which can be very important during work outs) and relieves back pain because of reduction of stress.


Works well, just not as well as the best ones.

#17 Wonderience Waist Trainer Corset

Wonderience waist trainer is made from neoprene. It has 4 rows of hooks & adjustable strap which helps adjusting the waist trainer.

Wonderience waist trainer is hard to get on and after few hours it becomes very uncomfortable. You can feel the steel boning and it doesn’t feel as sturdy as you would like. Material could have more compression and the waist trainer could be a bit taller. It does smooth out under clothes while you are standing, but when you sit down in bunches up and makes it look like you got fat rolls. On positive side it does snatch your waist rather well and it increases sweating a bit.


Overall Wonderience waist trainer has some flaws. It isn’t as bad as it might seem, but it certainly is far from best.

#18 JGOTIM XS to 7XL Waist Trainer Cincher

JGOTIM waist trainer is made out of spandex and polyester. The material is breathable, but the waist trainer should only be washed by hand. It stretches a bit after some use.

JGOTIM waist trainer is easy to get into and very comfortable, however it has some weak points too. It rolls up and down waaaay to much. The waist trainer will be too short for some body types. The waist trainer itself feels a bit fragile too. Boning is so weak it’s pretty much non-existent.


Overall JGOTIM waist trainer is pretty ineffective compared to others.

#19 Sports Research Waist Trimmer

Sports Research waist trimmer is made out of thick latex free neoprene. It does make you sweat more but doesn’t seem to reduce waist line over time. It’s made for working out, but it doesn’t seem to do anything other than make you sweat more. Maybe it does give some support to lower back but not so much you would notice.


Overall it does make you sweat but that’s pretty much it.

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