Best Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks For Dry Feet Review

A lot of us face the problem of dry, hard and cracked heels. There are many remedies like special heel gels but unfortunately they don’t always work. Surprisingly a lot of people that can’t seem to fix this issue haven’t tried moisturizing gel heel socks which actually work surprisingly well. They release a lot of different oils and vitamins to moisturize and keep your heels soft. I have done extensive research and tests to help you choose the best moisturizing gel heel socks, so read full review now!

#1 Codream Vented Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

These Codream Socks have heel area padded with botanical moisturizing hypo-allergenic gel that moisturizes and softens heels. This gel is rich in Vitamin E and multiple botanical oils:

  • Rose Oil – Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Grape Seed Oil -Improves blood circulation and reduces pain by dilating blood vessels. Can improve the colors of the feet as well.
  • Jojoba Oil – Contains vitamin E which has positive affect on skin health.
  • Mineral Oil – Keeps the skin hydrated, improved flexibility and relieves stiffness.
  • Olive Oil – Slows down the aging process and assimilates vitamins A, D and K. Can also act as natural pain killer due to its oleocanthal compound.

Codream Vented Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks works surprisingly well. A major improvement in heels can’t be noticed in couple days (or even overnight sometimes). You won’t believe the difference and your heels will be as soft as they were when you were a child (and maybe even softer).

The socks are very comfortable however they are not made for walking. Instructions say that you need to wear them at least 3 nights a week for 20-60 minutes, but for the best results I suggest wearing them during sleep. They have vented holes and manage to stay cool.

Overall Codream vented moisturizing gel heel socks works amazingly well and they are inexpensive. I highly recommend this product.

#2 ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks

ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks work best when used together with heel gels. The heel part of the socks are coated with silicone that keeps your heel hydrated and moisturized. The result when used with decent heel gel are overnight and very impressive – dry and cracked heels are fixed. Socks are very comfortable and well vented so they aren’t too warm. They are of just right tightness – tight enough to stay in place, but not tight enough to cause pain or discomfort. They are also washable!

Overall ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks work very well when used together with heel gels and results are impressive.

#3 AYAOQIANG Vented Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

AYAOQIANG Gel Heel Socks are comfortable and can be worn with or without shoes. They aren’t too tight and don’t restrict movement. The fabric is breathable so feet don’t get hot wearing them. They can be washed in water below 77°F.

AYAOQIANG Gel Heel Socks have moisturizing hypo-allergenic gel in heel of socks that contains Vitamin E and mineral oils. They work very well and do a great job of moisturizing and softening heels. Within couple days of use the results are very impressive. This is another product that works very well.

#4 NatraCure 5-Toe Gel Moisturizing Socks

NatraCure 5-Toe Gel Moisturizing Socks have inner SmartGel lining that is activized by the warmth of your feet and releases therapeutic oils and vitamins that moisturizes and softens your heels. Some major results can be noticed in about 5 days – effectiveness of these socks is pretty good and they definitely work.

The socks release medical-grade mineral oil that contains:

  • Vitamin E – Smoothes and strengthens skin
  • Shea Butter: Protects skin
  • Aloe Vera: Moisturizes skin
  • Vitamin F forte: Reduces moisture loss

Socks are pretty comfortable however they do feel weird at first until you get used to them.

Overall these gel socks work quite well however I must admit they are not among the very best.

#5 Codream Large Men’s Moisturizing Gel Socks

Codream Large Men’s Moisturizing Gel Socks have gel inside all of the socks area. The gel is very thick so these socks aren’t made for walking, however other than that they are very comfortable. The gel releases moisturizing oils and vitamins. The socks certainly work and in a few days of wearing them the heels start to become soft and moisturized.

Codream Large Men’s Moisturizing Gel Socks work well, but not better than the others I reviewed. They are also the most expensive in this list making them worst deal for the money despite still being a good product.

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