Best Mezuzahs For Sale (Review)

Are you looking for a well made and beautiful Mezuzah? I have done extensive research to help you choose the best Mezuzah out of 11 different ones. Find out which Mezuzahs you should consider to buy and which ones to avoid!

#1 Art Judaica Aluminum Mezuzah

Art Judaica Mezuzah is made out of aluminum. It’s 5 inches long and 1 inch wide. It fits scrolls of size up to 4.7 inches so majority of them will fit just fine. Scroll is well protected with a machined aluminum screw plug in the bottom. It has tape backing and adheres well to wall.

Art Judaica Mezuzah is lightweight yet sturdy. Comes with scroll but it’s not kosher. It’s made in Israel by Art Judaica.

Overall this is a great Mezuzah for the price.

#2 My Daily Styles Black Aluminum Silver Mezuzah

My Daily Styles black aluminum silver Mezuzah is made in Isreal (seems like it’s made by Art Judaica). It’s 5 inches high and 0.5 inch wide. It has a strong double sided tape on the back that securely attaches Mezuzah to doors. It doesn’t come with a scroll.

Overall build quality is good. Mezuzah is durable and weather resistant, it won’t rust.

Looks great. Very modern, sleek and elegant yet simple design.

#3 Most Original Gifts 4″ Classic Aluminum Mezuzah Case

Most Original Gifts Aluminum Mezuzah is 4 inches high and fits 3.5″ scrolls. It has self adhesive back to insert the Mezuzah scroll.

It’s solid and sturdy, it won’t rust. Looks good too, design is simple yet elegant. It has traditional Shin symbol on the front symbolizing the Shema prayer inside.

It has two nail holes for installation.

Overall it’s on a smallish side but it’s well made and beautiful. It’s very inexpensive making it a great value for money!

#4 Peer Hastam Classic Wood Mezuzah

Peer Hastam classic Mezuzah is made of olive tree wood. It’s 4.9 inches high and fits scroll of size up to 4 inches. It comes without a scroll. To hang it you can either use the included double sided tape or included nails.

Design is simple yet elegant. Wood looks good and the Mezuzah has nice rounded edges.

Overall this is a good Mezuzah. If you like the design or want one made from wood then this one is a good choice.

#5 A&S Mezuzot Mezuzah

A&S Mezuzot Mezuzah is 5 inches high, 0.5 inch long and 0.75 inches wide. It fits 4 inch scrolls. It has a strong double sided tape that holds Mezuzah securely against doors. It’s well made and sturdy, it has some nice weight to it. Doesn’t come with any parchment. Design in very beautiful.

Overall this is a good choice if you like the design.

#6 Bless This House Pewter Mezuzah Plaque

Bless This House Mezuzah plaque is made of pewter (malleable metal alloy). It’s sturdy and sturdy well made. Size wise it’s 5 inches high. Screws or nails for mounting aren’t included.

Mezuzah plaque has nicely engraved message:

May God’s Blessing Rest upon this House and all who Dwell within.
May All who Enter this House also be Blessed!

According to manufacturer there is also parchment inside of Deuteronomy 6:4-9, however the back is sealed so you cannot check if it’s really there.

Overall this is a decent Mezuzah but not quite among the best.

#7 Bless This House Brass Mezuzah with Hebrew Parchment

Bless This House Mezuzah is made out of solid brass and won’t rust Mezuzah is about 5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 0.125 inches thick. Feels heavy and sturdy but has a bit of a cheapish feel to it.

Pretty good Mezuzah but not perfect.

#8 Jerusalem silver shop gold plated crown Mezuzah

Jerusalem silver shop gold plated crown Mezuzah is about 4.5 inches high and has a plastic body which makes the parchment inside visible. The plastic body is thin and a proper parchment that’s thicker than regular paper won’t properly fit inside. You might get it inside but it will be compressed and won’t look nice.

Comes with “Shma Israel” Jewish prayer scroll that’s not kosher.

Basically it’s a very beautiful but overall a mediocre Mezuzah.

#9 10 Commandments 24k Gold Plated Mezuzah

10 Commandments 24k gold plated Mezuzah is made in Israel. There is 2.7 inches of space for klaf scroll inside so you can’t fit scroll without bending it. The Mezuzah itself is slightly larger than 2.7 inches but it’s still pretty small. Scroll is protected with electrical tape across the back so there is no option for installing it with double backed tape. To install it you need screws which are not included.

Overall quality is mediocre, it’s not bad but neither is it great. It does look really good though but unfortunately has some flaws.

#10 Holy Land Market A Set of 5 Gold Plated Mezuzahs

This set includes 5 gold plated Mezuzahs that are made of metal. Two of them have Hoshen priestly stones and the other three has Israeli symbols on them. They have no back cover but scrolls seem to stay inside well.

Quality control seems to be a major issue as some of the holes for screws aren’t punched. You can try to clear them with a nail, hammer and screwdriver. Screws are very small and challenging to work with, but that’s a very minor issue.

#11 Holy Land Gifts Shaddai Wood Mezuzah

Holy Land Gifts Shaddai Mezuzah is made out of cheap ply wood. It’s 5 inches high and fits Klaf of up to 3 inches. It looks really good though and the level of detail is impressive.

Overall quality feels cheapish. The scroll is a scotch taped in the back which is a disgrace. Probably should be only used indoors as it doesn’t seem to be weather resistant.

Looks great but the quality is low, overall you would be better off with different Mezuzah.

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