Best Keyboard Stands (Review)

If you are looking for a keyboard stand then choosing the right one might be confusing. They come in different shapes, build qualities and pricing. For example Z-Frame keyboard stands are superior to X-Frame for multiple reasons – they are usually more stable, less likely to tip over, more comfortable to position your legs etc., but they are usually more expensive too. Are you looking for a keyboard stand? We have done a massive research to help you choose the best keyboard stand for piano, DJ mixers, turntables, synths, midi keyboards and other musical instruments and gear just for you!

#1 Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand

Plixio is Z frame piano keyboard stand that has a double braced base and 1.4″ box frame. It’s very adjustable and will work will nearly all pianos, DJ mixers, turntables, synths, midi keyboards and other musical gear – height can be adjusted between 22″ and 33.5″ (in 1.5″ increments) and width between 22.5″ and 33.5″ (in 2″ increments). Adjusting is easy and smooth. Plixio keyboard stand can support up to 250 lbs which is pretty impressive.

Plixio keyboard stand is well made and very sturdy. It’s as stable as it gets, doesn’t jiggle or wobble and is very hard to knock over (I don’t see it happening unless you kick it really hard on purpose). The design is well thought and you won’t hit your knees against the stand. It has anti-skid pads that keeps the keyboard fixed in its place and prevents surface scratches. The keyboard stand does require assembly – it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes and the process is simple.

Overall Plixio keyboard stand is well designed and well made while at the same time being reasonably priced. I consider this to be the best keyboard stand for the price.

#2 Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand with wheels

What makes this Plixio Piano Z-frame keyboard stand stand out? Wheels! It has 4 wheels for easy transportation and reposition that can be locked to keep the Plixio Piano keyboard stand stationary. It also has anti-skid pads that keeps the keyboard in its place and double braced base. Width is adjustable between 22.5″ and 33.5″ in 2″ increments, so it will work great with most keyboards. The height is also adjustable – between 22″ and 33.5″ in 1.5″ increments. Both the length and width is easily adjustable with spring loaded knobs. Overall the keyboard stand works great, there is no wobbliness or movement when playing. It can support up to 250 pounds.

Assembly is simple and requires no tools but the process takes around 15 minutes.

Overall it’s the same as Plixio keyboard stand above, the only differences are that this one has wheels and is slightly more expensive.

#3 Stellar Labs 555-13830 Keyboard Stand

Stellar Labs 555-13830 is a sturdy, solid and stable keyboard stand. It’s very stable and hard to knock over. Thanks to the non-slip pads the keyboard stays firmly in its place and so does the stand itself. Assembly is quick and easy – you just have to screw two bolts to attach the center bar. The height and width is very adjustable and should work with any sized keyboard.

Overall Stellar Labs 555-13830 is a well made and sturdy keyboard stand made from high quality materials. It’s almost as good as Plixio’s stand and is worse than it only in some very minor ways, for example adjusting height/width with Plixio is slightly easier.

#4 Knox Gear Z-Frame Piano Keyboard Stand

Knox Gear is a Z-frame keyboard stand. It’s well made and designed, the stand is sturdy, strong and stable. It also has foam padded arms that prevent your keyboard from slipping and scratching. It has adjustable width (between 24 and 41 inches, it will work with keyboards of all sizes and weights) and height (14 different settings between 23 and 35 inches). Knox Gear keyboard stand does require assembly but it’s very simple process.

Overall Knox Gear keyboard stand is among the best ones. It’s very stable and well made.

#5 On-Stage KS7350 Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7350 is a Z-frame keyboard stand that can hold 55-key keyboards in the compact position and up to 88-key keyboards at its maximum width (adjustable range: 21″-33″). Assembly isn’t the simplest but it isn’t terribly difficult either. The stand is very portable – it isn’t heavy and you can really fold it up. On-Stage KS7350 stand is very stable and solid and can support up to 375 lbs. It also has sticky strip pads which could be larger since the traction they provide for your keyboard is rather poor.

Overall On-Stage KS7350 is a great keyboard stand but it does have some minor flaws.

#6 On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand has a width adjustment between 21”-37” inches, which means it works with 55-key keyboards at it’s narrowest setting and 88-key keyboards at widest. It’s very stable and offers a lot of configuring flexibility which is this stands strongest aspect. But the wide options of configuration also comes at a price – setting up this stand is a bit of works with all the knobs and pieces, it works great as a stationary keyboard stand but not so great as a mobile. If you can’t leave it at on place you will get tired of setting it up very fast.

Overall On-Stage KS7365EJ is a great keyboard stand. It’s a bit more expensive than others but offers a lot of adjustability (which is not necessary what you need).

#7 Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand

Yamaha L85 keyboard stand is designed for Yamaha P115, P45, and P71 keyboards but it will work with many others too. It’s well designed, of high quality and rather attractive. It’s very stable and unlikely to tip over when bumped into it. However there is 0 adjustability and if you have taller legs you might find yourself unable to fit your legs comfortable underneath the stand. The stand requires little bit of assembly (it will take you a couple minutes) and you will need screwdriver for it.

Yamaha L85 keyboard stand is slightly more expensive than most other stands but not necessary better than them, so the value for money isn’t the best.

#8 World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand and Deluxe Bench Package

This World Tour Package includes X-Frame keyboard stand and a bench for budget pricing. Both the stand and bench are decently stable for the price, but they do become a bit wobbly if you start to play hard. The stand is also prone to tipping over if bumped, which is a common problem with X-Frame keyboard stands. The seat is 12 by 17-inches big, has 2.25 inches of padding and three different height setting – it’s big enough, comfortable and can safely support up to 250 lbs. The height of stand is also adjustable between 25.25 to 38.75 inches, it’s made from 1 inch square and round steel construction. It also has non-slip rubber end caps which work good. World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand does require assembly – the process is simple and takes around 10 minutes. The stand itself can support up to 130 lbs, which is mediocre but will be good enough for majority of amateur musicians.

Overall World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand and Deluxe Bench offer great value for money. Obviously you can get a better stand or bench if you spend more, but this package is good enough for most amateur musicians.

#9 Neewer Collapsible Piano Keyboard Stand

Neewer Collapsible piano keyboard stand is sturdy and durable. It’s quite stable when the legs are completely folded out although top rated Z-Frame stands are stabler. The height is adjustable between 25.6″ and 43.3″, so is with – between 29″ and 44.5″. Assembly is very simple and quick. Keyboards stays in it’s place and doesn’t move.

Overall a decent product but in my opinion doesn’t offer best value for money.

#10 ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand

ChromaCast CC-KSTAND double braced X-Style pro series is a one piece keyboard stand that doesn’t require assembly. The construction is metal apart from the latch pull. The height is adjustable between 23.5″ and 38.5″, width – between 12″ and 33″. Stand itself is not the most stable one and does jiggle a bit when you are playing. It’s designed to support up to 150 lbs. There are non-slip rubber caps which could be larger to provide extra grip, as well locking straps for securing keyboard could be bigger since they don’t fit some keyboards.

For the price it’s a decent product, it could be more stable but it’s light and doesn’t require assembly which makes it very portable.

#11 PARTYSAVING Pro Series Adjustable Double-Braced X Style Piano Keyboard Stand

PARTYSAVING Pro Series Double-Braced X Style piano keyboard stand is made out of iron. The build quality is not the best, so longevity of this product might bit questionable. However after simple assembly it seems to be a decent product. Despite being an X-Frame stand it’s very stable. It’s pretty compact and doesn’t take much space. Adjusting is simple and the rubber end-caps grip keyboard very well.

Overall this is a pretty good stand and it’s inexpensive which means it offers great value for money. It’s however not as good as higher rated stands.

#12 PARTYSAVING Pro Series Portable 2 Tier Doubled Keyboard Stand

PARTYSAVING Pro Series Portable 2 Tier doubled keyboard stand has a maximum weight capacity of 135 lbs. The build quality is pretty bad and the stand is flimsy. The height is adjustable between 29 and 40.75 inches without second tier attached and 36 to 48.5 inches with it attached. Width adjusts between 14.5 and 27.5 inches. Has mediocre non-slip rubber end caps, can be folded pretty compactly.

For similar pricing you can get much better keyboard stands.

#13 On-Stage KS8291XX Pro Double-X Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS8291XX Pro Double-X keyboard stand has 30mm square tubing and is designed to hold up to 320 lbs. It does require some assembly which takes only around 5 minutes. The stand itself is very stable and sturdy, however it has some other issues. Height at lowest setting is 27 inches, which you might find to be too high with most benches unless you are tall. Also at narrowest setting the stand is still too wide for many keyboards to be placed on non-slip rubber end caps to prevent the keyboard from sliding around.

Overall On-Stage KS8291XX Pro Double-X isn’t a bad keyboard stand, but is has some design issues so it’s far from best.

#14 PARTYSAVING Pro Series Portable Single-X Keyboard Stand

PARTYSAVING Pro Series Portable Single-X keyboard stand is made out of iron and has 1″ square tubing. The arm depth is 13.25″ and the height is adjustable between 8.27″ – 29.53″. The keyboard stand has black powder coat finish and it’s very light – it only weighs 6 lbs. It can hold up to 130 lbs and has non-slip rubber end caps.

It’s not the sturdiest keyboard stand and although inexpensive I don’t think it’s worth the money. It easily tips over when bumped and the straps are not wide enough. The materials and hex screws that hold the stand together are flimsy.

Overall it’s a bad quality keyboard stand.

#15 RockJam Xfinity Keyboard Stand

RockJam Xfinity is an X-frame keyboard stand. It’s inexpensive and it shows. The metal is thin and flexible, the plastic locking handle is flimsy and the strap screws are too thin. When used with heavier keyboard the metal flexes under pressure. You can adjust height between 4 and 38 inches and width between 6.7 and 38.5. It has non-slip rubber caps that prevent your keyboard from sliding as well the stand itself. Xfinity keyboard stand is pre-assembled so you don’t have to do any assembly work.

RockJam Xfinity keyboard stand is inexpensive and unfortunately it reflects on its quality. Xfinity is very flimsy and unless you are an amateur on a very tight budget that uses light keyboards I would suggest avoiding this product.

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