Best Hanukkah Candles (Review)

Are you looking for a well made and beautiful Hanukkah candles? I have done extensive research to help you choose the best Hanukkah candles out of 11 different sets. Find out which Hanukkah candles you should consider to buy and which ones to avoid!:

#1 Rite -Lite Judaica Premium Chanukah Candles

Rite -Lite Judaica Premium Chanukah candle set includes a total of 45 candles. Candles are pretty and seem to be of good quality.

They are slow burning and they burn evenly. They are dripless and no wax cruddles up the Menorah.

Overall these are great Chanukah candles.

#2 Ner Mitzvah Pre-Filled Menorah Oil Cup Candles

Ner Mitzvah pre-filled Menorah oil cup candle set contains 44 candles. They burn cleanly without any wax mess and they are bright. Candles burn for about 90 minutes and are smokeless.

Inside the cups is kosher 100% olive oil. Cups are 1.6″ tall and 0.9″ wide. They fit fine in some Menorahs, for others they are too small or large.

Overall those are very nice Hanukkah candles as long as they fit in your Menorah properly, but they are a bit expensive therefore the value for money is questionable.

#3 Ner Mitzvah Silver Metallic Dripless Chanukah Candles

Ner Mitzvah silver metallic candle set contains 45 Chanukah candles. They burn cleanly with barely any dripping and produce pleasant smell. They burn for about 45 minutes.

candles look elegant however the silver coating scratches easily.

If you have a larger Menorah the candles might be a bit too small and you might need to warm the bottoms before inserting for them to stick properly.

#4 Rite Lite LTD Create Your Own Beeswax Candles

Rite Lite LTD “Create Your Own Beeswax Candles” set is self explanatory, it lets you create 44 candles for eight nights of Chanukah. Most adults probably won’t be intrigued by opportunity of creating candles by themselves but it’s a fun activity for kids or families. Candles are very easy to make making it a perfect Chanukah activity for kids.

You probably expect the candles to turn out pretty bad but it’s not the case. They burn quite clean and there is not much wax dripping. They aren’t the best candles for sure, but for DIY kit they are unexpectedly good. There is a nice variety of colors and they are vivid and beautiful.

Pro tip: candles will last longer if you put them in the freezer for a few minutes before using them.

Overall if you have kids and want to make Hanukkah a bit more fun then these candles could be taken into consideration.

#5 Rite-Lite Judaica Hand-Dipped Chanukah Candles

Rite-Lite Judaica Hand-Dipped Chanukah Candle set contains a total of 45 candles. They are hand dipped, hand decorated and lead free. The colors are beautiful and candles are really pretty. They last around 60 to 90 minutes. The best part about them is that they are pretty much dripless making for easy clean up.

Each candle is about 6 inches tall. Only flaw is that the bottoms are a bit too big to fit in Menorah. This issue is easily fixed though by warming the base of each candle before inserting them, which is a slight inconvenience but still an inconvenience nonetheless.

Overall these are pretty good candles for Hanukkah!

#6 Menora Hanukkah Candles

Menora Hanukkah candle set includes 2 boxes of 44 colored candles. If you are about middle age then there is a good chance these are the same candles you used in your childhood. They are certainly better candles than these ones, but for sheer nostalgia some might prefer these ones. They are thin and slightly wobbly in the Menorah and they are not dripless as some of the others are. They also don’t last long.

Overall those are not bad candles but they are far from best, however just for pure nostalgia some might prefer these over better ones.

#7 Ner Mitzvah White Chanukah Candles

Ner Mitzvah White Chanukah candle set contains 44 candles. They are a bit too small to Menorah and fit slightly loosely. Candles are 3.625″ tall and 0.3125″ in diameter. Overall quality is decent but not best, they burn cleanly and last about 30 minutes. Small inconvenience is that you will probably want to trim the wick.

Overall these candles are very inexpensive but the price tag reflects in quality. They are not all bad and if you are looking for a budget option then perhaps not a bad choice either!

#8 Majestic Giftware SC-CP20 Hanukkah חנוכה Candles

Majestic Giftware SC-CP20 Hanukkah candle set contains 45 hand dipped wax Chanukah candles. Candles are very beautiful and they are made in Israel by Safed. They burn for 90-120 minutes and doesn’t drip.

They vary greatly in size, most likely because they are hand made. Some are too thin for Menorah and have to be heated before inserting so they stick, some are too fat and don’t fit at all without doing some cutting, only few fit perfectly.

Packaging also doesn’t offer much protection so there is a chance some candles will be damaged and ruined during shipping.

Overall this is not a bad candle set, however they are perhaps a bit too expensive for the quality they offer.

#9 Zion Judaica Hanukkah חנוכה Candles

Zion Judaica Hanukkah candle set contains a total of 45 candles.

They are 0.375″ in diameter according to manufacturer but in reality sizes vary. Some are too narrow for Chanukah yet others are too large. They are also of mediocre quality and prone to cracking. They last about 30 minutes and they drip a lot.

Overall these candles are mediocre at best.

#10 The Dreidel Company Menorah Chanukah Candles נרות חנוכה

The Dreidel Company Chanukah candles are very thin and too small – they don’t fit in Menorah properly. This set includes 44 candles.

Candles are in different colors: coral, olive, deep cream, country blue and light orange. They burn fast and last about 30 minutes. Candle are 4″ long and about 0.3125″ at the base.

Overall they are inexpensive but the quality is below average.

#11 Majestic Giftware SC-CP18 Handcrafted Hanukkah Candles

Majestic Giftware SC-CP18 candle set contains 45 hand dipped wax Chanukah candles. They are made in Israel by Safed.

Candles burn cleanly, there is essentially no drip except when you first light them and they are virtually smokeless.

Thickness at the base varies, probably because they are handmade, so some might fit loosely in the Menorah. It can be fixed though by warming the base before inserting them so they stick.

The biggest flaw of this set is packaging – there is no padding to protect the candles and they can easily be damaged during shipping, which according to consumer feedback is a quite common issue.

Overall it’s a better idea to look for different candles due to high chance of receiving damaged product and mediocre quality.

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