Best Free Standing Shoe Racks (Review)

I have done extensive research to help you choose the best free standing shoe rack out of 19 different models. Find out which shoe racks you should consider and which ones to avoid!

#1 Seville Classics 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack

Seville Classics 3-tier stackable shoe rack stores up to 9 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs per shelf. You can purchase multiple units and stack them together both vertically and horizontally if you need more storage space.

It’s pretty sturdy, definitely sturdier than nearly all of the other shoe racks in this list. Unlike majority of other shoe racks this one is all metal construction (including shelves!) and a pretty solid one, doesn’t feel cheap at all. Iron frame supports up to 30 lbs of weight per each shelf, which is way more than enough for shoes. It’s stable and isn’t wobbly at all. Assembled shoe rack weighs just under 10 lbs so it has some weight to it but it’s not super heavy or anything.

Each tier is about 6.2 inches tall and will fit most shoes, heels etc. If you have shoes that are taller than that then you can store them on top level or remove one shelve to create one that’s twice as tall.

Assembly is simple and takes around 5 minutes, even if you are really bad with assembling things it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. You will need phillips screwdriver so keep that handy. Assembled unit looks pretty good and will blend in your home well. Espresso brown finish is beautiful and shoe rack looks elegant.

Package contents:

  • 1 x iron rack
  • 4 x leveling feet
  • 4 x caps
  • 3 x shelves
  • 4 x connection pins

#2 SONGMICS 8-Tier Shoe Rack

SONGMICS 8-tier shoe rack stores 32-40 pairs of shoes. It basically consists of two 4-tier shelves which you can either stack together or put each in different places. They are made out of iron with bronze finish. Racks are secured by plastic connectors. Each shelf is designed to support 22 lbs which is more than enough for footwear. Shelves can be installed flat or at angle, whichever you prefer more.
Each shelf is about 7.8″ tall, so pretty much any shoes, heels or boots should fit.

Overall build quality feels decent. Shoe rack is pretty sturdy as it’s made from iron. Connectors feel pretty strong considering they are plastic. It’s easy to assemble.

Some consumers have complained about receiving damaged parts, however upon contacting the company they have received replacements. Just be aware that this is somewhat common problem and if it happens to you there is solution.

#3 Titan Mall Free Standing Shoe Rack

Titan Mall free standing shoe rack stores 12 pairs of shoes. It’s pretty sturdy, definitely far sturdier than majority of shoe racks at this pricing. Titan Mall shoe rack is made of powder coated iron. It looks pretty good compared to most other shoe racks.

Each shelf is about 7.5″ tall so it should be tall enough for nearly all type of shoes. Assembly is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Shoe rack is pretty light – it weighs around 6 lbs.

#4 SONGMICS 16-Cube Shoe Rack

SONGMICS 16-Cube shoe rack is pretty unique as shoe racks go. It basically consists of 16 cubes that you can arrange in different ways to your liking. Cubes are made of metal wire frame, PP plastic sheet and ABS plastic connectors.

Each cube is pretty big so you don’t have to worry about your tall shoes or heels not fitting like with many other shoe racks (each cube is 6.7″ high, 8.7″ long and 13.8″ wide). If you have really high shoes then maybe they might not fit conventionally but they should fit sideways at least.

Assembly is pretty easy once your read the instructions and it shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes. Shelf is not gorgeous but it works really well. It’s not exactly heavy duty but it’s more sturdy than you might expect. Each shelf has a maximum weight capacity of 10 pounds.

#5 STORAGE MANIAC 5-Tier 10-Compartment Shoe Rack

STORAGE MANIAC shoe rack can hold 10 pairs of shoes – it has a total of 10 compartments. Each compartment is 5.3 inches high, 7.8 inches wide and 11.2 inches long – it would be better if it was taller, most types of shoes will fit inside but you might store some sideways. It also has 8 side pockets on the sides (4 on each side) which are too small for shoes but you can fit flip flops or something else in them. Shoe rack is reasonably sturdy. It’s made of steel tubes and polyester canvas.

It’s easy to assemble and it takes less than 10 minutes, you will need Phillips screwdriver. Assembled unit is 32 inches tall, 17.9 inches wide and 13 inches long.

#6 Whitmor 10 Tier Shoe Tower

Whitmor 10 tier shoe tower fits up to 50 pairs of shoes. It’s made of metal with chrome finish, some of the parts are plastic. Shelf is slightly wobbly but it seems to be stable enough. Materials obviously doesn’t feel heavy duty at this pricing but they don’t feel fragile either, shelf seems reasonably sturdy. Height between each row could be bigger because it can be a bit hard to fit high top shoes, boots or heels. It has wheels that can be locked in position, so you can move the shelf around easily.

Assembly is simple but you will need phillips screwdriver, it takes 20-30 minutes. When assembled shelf is 59.5 inches tall, 36.5 inches wise and ~14.6 inches long.

#7 SONGMICS 10-Tier Shoe Tower Rack

SONGMICS 10-tier shoe tower rack stores 18 to 27 pairs of shoes (depending on shoe size). It’s made of steel tubes, polyester plastic connectors and non woven fabric. Parts aren’t very sturdy but shoe rack is reasonably sturdy once assembled. You can zip it up to cover footwear from dust. Each layer is about 6.75 inches tall, you can remove layers if you need higher shelves for boots or high heels.

Assembly is a bit complicated as there a lot of pieces and it takes around 30 minutes. Assembled unit is ~63 inches tall, ~23 inches wide and just over 11 inches long.

#8 Tangkula Wooden Shoes Rack

Tangkula Wooden shoes rack consists of 7 shelves and can store 7 pairs of shoes. It’s made of wood, it’s reasonably sturdy and looks good!

Comes with Phillips screwdriver but I would advise to use a drill – it will decrease assembly time by a huge margin. With a drill or electric screwdriver you will assemble this shoe rack in around 10 minutes, but it will take much much longer with conventional screwdriver. Instructions aren’t well detailed but it’s not hard to figure it out.

#9 SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack

SONGMICS 10 tier shoe rack is made of iron pipes, polypropylene connectors and waterproof non-woven fabric. It holds 40-50 pairs of shoes. Shoes that are taller than 6 inches high won’t fit unless you put them sideways or on top shelf.

Fabric is a bit slack so it’s not perfect for storing shoes, especially those that doesn’t sit flat. Because of this fabric the shoes doesn’t sit very stable.

Assembly is simple and doesn’t require any tools. Assembled unit is 68.9 inches tall, 39.4 inches wide and 11.1 inches long.

#10 OppsDecor Oanon 10 Tiers Shoe Rack

OppsDecor Oanon 10-tier shoe rack fits around 30 pairs of shoes. Assembly is simple but materials are quite cheap. Tubes are made from metal, shelves – from non woven fabric. Assembled unit feels a bit wobbly but it’s not that bad. It does feel flimsy because of the cheap materials but seems to do its job of holding shoes just fine.

Shelf is 65.1 inches high, 22.2 inches long and 10.9 inches wide (167 x 57 x 28 cm).

#11 Blissun Shoe Rack

Blissun shoe rack is made of steel tubes, (allegedly waterproof) non-woven fabric shelves and plastic connectors. Materials are pretty cheap but should be durable enough as long as you don’t abuse the shoe rack. It can store around 28 pairs of shoes. You might have to store larger boots/heels sideways. You can zip it up to protect shoes from dust. Assembly is easy.

#12 Whitmor Spacemaker 10-Tier Tower

Whitmor Spacemaker 10-tier tower stores around 45 pairs of shoes. It’s made of metal frame and fabric shelves. Footwear that is higher than ankle won’t really fit in shelves, but you can store them on the top shelf. Regular shoes like sneakers fit just fine in shelves.

Whitmor Spacemaker shoe rack is of medium sturdiness. It’s far from being super durable but it’s not fragile either. The frame isn’t heavy duty and fabric is pretty thin, but if you take care it should be durable enough.

Instructions are weak but the assembly is pretty straight forward so it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone. Assembled shoe rack is 60 inches tall, 24.5 inches wide and 12 inches long. It’s also very lightweight (under 5 lbs).

#13 fiducial home 8 Tiers Shoe Rack

fiducial home 8-tier shoe rack holds 16-20 pairs of shoes. It’s made of iron pipes, non woven fabric layers and plastic connectors. Each individual shelf height is not that big, so taller shoes might not fit. You can layer between shelves to create one taller shelves in this case.

Assembly is simple, doesn’t require any tools and shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Pieces fit together really well and the unit feels reasonably sturdy. Assembled shoe rack is 56.8 inches tall, 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. It’s super lightweight therefore easy to move.

#14 Household Essentials Three-Tier Adjustable Revolving Shoe Rack

Household Essentials shoe rack is made of chrome finish steel. It holds 6 pairs of shoes per tier – with 3 tiers the total is 18 pairs. It’s pretty well made but a bit expensive considering it only stores 18 pairs and doesn’t look that good. It’s also not the most convenient to use although it’s not too inconvenient. Shoe rack spins but it doesn’t spin effortlessly. It has weighed bottom so it’s stable. Racks are too short for boots though.

Easy to assemble. Household Essentials shoe rack is 38 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 12 inches long.

#15 AmazonBasics 50-Pair Shoe Rack

AmazonBasics 50-pair shoe rack is made of metal with chrome finish. Although it’s advertised to store 50 pairs you probably won’t be able to store that much. 35-40 pairs of shoes is a more realistic figure.

Parts are pretty cheap and not very sturdy, however if you don’t abuse the shoe rack it will work just fine. It’s not as fragile as plastic ones though.

Assembly takes around 40 minutes and you will need Phillips screwdriver. Assembled shoe rack is 59.5 inches tall, 36.5 inches wide and 14.6 inches long.

#16 SoSo-BanTian1989 Black 10 Tiers Shoe Rack

SoSo-BanTian1989 shoe rack stores up to 50 pairs of shoes. Materials are of cheap quality and fragile. Stainless steel tubes are thin and can be easily bent. Fabric that shelves are made of is very thin and the glued stitching seems like won’t last long. Polyester connectors isn’t any better too. Because of this you have to be careful when assembling the shoe rack to prevent breaking anything.

#17 Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Rack

Oceanstar 2-Tier bamboo stackable shoe rack can store 6 pairs of shoes. Bamboo is very fragile so be careful not to tighten screws too much, otherwise it can crack. It’s also prone to bending. Quality control seems to be issue too as some consumers have complained about screws not fitting in holes (because of holes not being drilled enough). Shoe rack does look pretty good though, but that’s the only thing you can praise about it.

Overall this doesn’t seem like product that will last for years to come, therefore looking for different shoe rack would be wise.

#18 Halter 10 Tier Stackable Shoe Rack / Storage Shelves

Halter 10-tier stackable shoe rack feels cheap. The materials are fragile so you have to be careful when handling them. This especially applies to assembly, don’t use too much force when assembling the shoe rack, it’s a simple click and connect process and you have to use minimal force to do it. When assembled shelf is a bit wobbly. The space between shelves could be bigger.

Tubes are made of anti-rust stainless steel. Shelves are made of very thin fabric. The plastic connectors are of white color which doesn’t go well with black tubes and fabric, shelf would look better if they were black too.

Overall this shoe rack is mediocre at best.

#19 Homebi 4-Tier Shoe Rack

Homebi 4-tier shoe rack will fit 16-20 pairs of shoes. Each shelf is about 7.3″ tall, shoe rack is ~33 inches tall, 35.6 inches wide and 12 inches long.. It is made of powder coated metal tubes and other plastic parts. Materials are of cheap and low quality.

Assembly isn’t too hard but the pieces doesn’t fit all that well. Assembled unit feels very fragile and leaves impression that it could easily break any moment when full with shoes. It also barely hold together.

Overall it would be smarter to pass on this shoe rack.

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