Best Floating Candles (Review)

Are you looking for a floating candles? I have done extensive research to help you choose the best floating candles out of 13 different ones. Find out which floating candles you should consider to purchase and which ones to avoid!

#1 BOLSIUS Unscented Floating Candles

BOLSIUS unscented floating candle set contains 40 white candles.

They are 1 3/4″ wide and 1 1/4″ tall. They light well, float perfectly and look great. BOLSIUS unscented floating candles burn cleanly without smoking and doesn’t develop weird patterns due to melting. They stay lit even when experiencing some minor vibrations (like table shaking) and burn for 5-6 hours.

#2 Homemory Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights

Homemory candles aren’t your conventional candles (ignitable wick embedded in wax). They are actually electronic devices powered by CR2032 batteries. This set includes 24 floating tealights/candles with batteries already installed.

They are waterproof and they float well. They look great and flicker just like real candles. They are also very sturdy. They automatically turn on when you put them in water and turn off when you take them out which is convenient. They last for 40+ hours which is far longer than conventional candles. Each candle is 1.5″ deep and 1.6 inches high.

#3 Richland 36 Eastland Cylinder Vases and 36 3″ Floating Candles

This Richland set includes 36 candles and 36 Eastland cylinder vases of 3 different sizes, 12 of each size:

  • 12 x Small Vase: 7.5″ Tall x 3.375″ Wide
  • 12 x Medium vase: 9″ Tall x 3.375″ Wide
  • 12 x Large Vase: 10.5″ Tall x 3.375″ Wide

Diameter of opening is about 3.125″ for each vase. Vases are sturdy and beautiful. Glass is clear and not cloudy at all. They are made in USA.

Candles are 3″ wide and 1.4″ tall. They burn for 4-6 hours and look great!

Everything well packaged so it’s unlikely that anything will be broken during shipping.

#4 D’light Small Floating Candles

D’light small floating candle set contains 144 white candles. They are 1.1875 inches high and 2 inches in diameter. Despite they small size they emit surprising amount of light.

The white color of candles is really clean and pure white. They burn for 6+ hours clean and consistent.

#5 Stock Your Home Unscented Floating Candles

Stock Your Home floating candle set contains 24 candles that are 3 inches wide. They burn for 8-10 hours which is longer than most candles. They float well and look great!

#6 Royal Imports Floating Disc Candles

Royal Imports floating disc candle set includes 6 candles. They are made in USA. Candles are 1.2 inches tall and 3 inches wide. They last for 6-7 hours, burn well and float evenly.

#7 FloraCraft Floating Candles

FloraCraft floating candle set contains 6 candles.

They are slightly wider than 3 inches. They burn for 6+ hours and produce strong bright flame. They look good! Packaging could be better though.

#8 Candle Charisma Floating Candles

Candle Charisma floating candle set contains 6 candles. They are 2 inches in diameter. They last about 6-7 hours. They burn well, float nicely and barely emits any smell. Overall quality is decent.

#9 Mega Candles Unscented Floating Disc Candles

Mega Candles floating disc candle set contains 12 candles. They are made of cotton wick and paraffin wax.

They burn for 3-4 hours. Candles are pretty but they burn straight through the center and most of the wax stays intact.

#10 Hosley White Unscented Water Floating Mini Candle Discs

Hosley floating mini candle set includes 12 candles. Quality control seems to be lacking with this product because the quality of candles vary. Some don’t float or burn well. Candles burn for 3-4 hours which is less than other. Each candle is 1.6 inches long, 1.6 inches wide and 1 inch high.

#11 Super Z Outlet Unscented Floating Candles

Super Z Outlet unscented floating candle set contains 24 candles. Each candle is 2 inches wide. They burn for about 2 hours, which is way less than other candles.

They are badly packaged and can easily be broken during shipping.

Overall you should look for different candles because there don’t burn for long and are badly packaged.

#12 Mega Candles Red Rose Petals Flower Floating Candles

Mega Candles red rose floating candle set includes 4 rose shaped candles. They are 2 inches in diameter. They burn really fast and only last for like 2-3 hours. They are uneven when floating and leak into water when burning.

Overall these candles are mediocre at best.

#13 Mega Candles Red Floating Disc Candles

Mega Candles red floating disc candle set includes 4 candles. They are 2 inches in diameter. As they burn they create a waxy mess. They also burn only for 2-3 hours. Don’t float all that well either.

Overall these candles aren’t as good as others.

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