Best Electronic Alarm Clocks (Review)

Are you looking for electronic alarm clock? I have done extensive research to help you choose the best electronic alarm clock out of 18 different models. Find out which electronic alarm clocks you should consider and which ones to avoid!:

#1 LBell Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

LBell alarm clock simulates sunrise by gradually changing color from dark red to bright yellow and increasing brightness before the alarm goes off.

You might wonder what’s the benefit of this, well human bodies are designed to wake up when the sun rises. For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors slept under open sky and that’s what our bodies have adapted to. As species that sleep during the dark time of the day and are awake during the daytime a sunrise is an indication to our bodies that the day has begun and it’s time to wake up. By simulating a sunrise we can trick our body to prepare for waking up instead of waking up when it’s not prepared by disturbing our sleep with a sudden loud noise out (which is how most alarm clocks work). By simulating sunrise you wake up less (or not at all) groggy and tired.

Sunrise simulation alarm clocks doesn’t work equally for everyone. Some don’t feel much of a difference but for others it’s a serious life changer. If you feel miserable or tired upon waking up then alarm clock like this could potentially change that!

Sometimes it takes up to a month to for the body to adapt to notice difference on how you feel upon waking up however most can feel the difference immediately.

With LBell alarm clock you can set set the lighting time (10-60 minutes), lighting brightness, alarm sound (8 different sounds for alarm – birds singing, ocean waves, streams, beep, windbell, soft music, piano music and FM radio) and alarm volume to your liking. You can set up two different alarms and set them to work everyday or weekdays or weekends only. There is a 9 minute snooze function and USB charging port in the back of the alarm clock so you can charge your phone or other devices. Overall it seems to work well!

LBell alarm clock can play FM radio and save up to 40 radio channels. It can also simulate sunset where light will gradually dim together with music, which is a nice feature although unlikely to actually help you fall asleep.

Operating LBell alarm clock isn’t the most straight forward process and instructions are a bit weak so some might find it slightly confusing to figure out how all of the functions work, however it’s not so complicated that someone wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

#2 JALL 1502 wooden alarm clock

JALL 1502 wooden alarm clock feels well made and quite sturdy. You can set up to three different alarms. When setting up alarm you can choose for it to only ring on work days (Monday to Friday)

Digital display is clear and easy to read. Screen brightness is adjustable with 3 different brightness levels and you can also turn off the LED light and keep the clock sound sensitive (screen will turn on for 5 seconds when touched or when it detects sound louder than 60db).

It can be powered by either cord or batteries, however the latter is not recommended because it won’t take long for JALL 1502 alarm clock to drain the batteries.

JALL 1502 looks great and it’s more than just an alarm clock – it’s a pretty piece of decor as well! The design it elegant and will fit in any room.

Set up is pretty simple but it won’t hurt you to read the instructions too!

#3 American Lifetime Day Clock

American Lifetime clock is designed for people with dementia, alzheimer’s and memory loss and is a great gift to those who experience such health issues (also nothing in packaging indicates it’s designed for people with such health issues in order not to hurt their feelings).

It has a large 8″ big display that’s easy to read. It shows time, time of the day (whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening or night), day and date. It has a very good view angle and the clock is readable from nearly 180 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Text color can be set as either white or yellow. You can choose either 12 or 24 hour time format however it doesn’t show a.m. or p.m., however that’s not a big deal since it indicates what time of the day it’s.

You can set up multiple alarms and have a choice of 5 modes: once, everyday, weekdays only, weekends only & off. Alarm sounds are reasonably loud. It can be set up to give medical reminders too.

American Lifetime clock is cord powered. You can use batteries as a back up power source in a case of power outage, however it simply keeps a track of time when running on batteries and the clock itself isn’t readable.

It has multiple language options including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Welsh.

#4 Rocam CR1005 Alarm Day Clock

Rocam CR1005 has a large 11.5 inch LED display with 5 brightness levels (from very dim but still readable to very bright). Letters are numbers are big and easy to read. Display has 4 well designed segments that display: time, date, day and indoor temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius (and it’s accurate which often isn’t the case with alarm clocks). It has 12-hour and 24-hour time modes.

You can set up 3 different alarms. Design is sleek and elegant. It has two USB ports for charging devices like your smartphone.

#5 ANJANK Small Alarm Clock Radio

ANJANK alarm clock has 3.2 inch LCD screen with 5 different brightness levels. It displays time, alarm settings and temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

You can set up two separate alarms. You can choose between 6 different nature sounds (water, bird, kanoon, spirited, away, beep & buzzer) or FM radio as alarm sound. Sleep times (10-120 minutes) is available for FM radio too! Snooze button is easy to access and allows you to sleep for another 10 minutes.

Operating ANJANK alarm clock is very intuitive and you probably won’t need to read instructions to figure out how all of the functions work.

Overall build quality feels good.

Radio works pretty well considering the small size, reception is good and sound is clean.

ANJANK alarm clock has two USB ports for charging phones, tablets or other 5V electronics.

#6 JALL Digital Alarm Clock

JALL digital alarm clock has a very elegant design. The numbers somehow glow right through the wood and they are bright and easy to read. It looks really good and will fit well in any room. There is 3 brightness options. You can set up two separate alarms but alarm volume is not adjustable.
JALL digital alarm clock can be powered either by USB cable or 4 AAA batteries, however powering it with batteries is not suggested unless you are traveling because batteries won’t hold charge for long.
It’s quite small, lot smaller than pictures could indicate. It measures at 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

#7 GLOUE LED Digital Alarm Clock

GLOUE LED Digital Alarm Clock has 6.5″ mirror display with 2 brightness settings

Alarm starts with relatively quiet sound and progressively becomes louder. It gets to a point it’s so loud it should be able to wake up almost anyone. Snooze interval can be set between 5 to 60 minutes.

It can be powered by either USB cable or 3 AAA batteries, the only difference is that when it’s powered by the batteries the LED display will be on only for 15 seconds when you press the button instead of all time.

Set up is simple but I would still recommend to read the manual first.

#8 DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio

DreamSky alarm clock has a decently sized display, it shows time and indoor temperature. Screen brightness adjustable from 0 to 100% and you option to choose between 12 or 24 hour time format.

Alarm sound can be either buzzer or radio, you can choose volume of alarm too – 3 levels for buzzer and 15 levels for radio. At highest alarm is not that loud, if you are hard to wake then it might be too quiet for you.Alarm starts quiet and gets subsequently louder for 5 seconds.  DreamSky alarm clock has 8 minute snooze function and you can snooze continuously for 1 hour until snooze function turns off

Reception for radio is good. FM radio has sleep function, you can set it to turn off after 10-120 minutes and listen to it while you try to fall asleep. It also has USB port that you can use for charging your smartphone or other devices.
Unit is lightweight and feels a bit flimsy, but it might last a long time if you don’t abuse it. It can be powered by either outlet or three AAA batteries, it’s recommended to use batteries only as a backup energy source.

#9 Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock

Travelwey LED digital alarm clock is easy to use. Numbers are big (1.8″) and easy to read (even across the room). The brightness is adjustable from 0 to 100% (off to very bright)!

Loudness of alarm is adjustable and at the maximum setting it’s very very loud, if it doesn’t wake you up then you are probably dead! Alarm rings for 5 minutes if you don’t turn it off. It has a 9 minute snooze feature, Snooze button is pretty large and on top of the alarm clock so it’s easy to access.

Travelwey LED digital alarm clock is US 120V outlet powered, you can use two AAA batteries as a back up power source in a case of power outage. While powered by batteries the screen will be turned off but the alarm will still work.

Travelwey LED digital alarm clock dimensions are 6.5″ x 2.75″ x 2″.

Overall it’s very simple alarm clock but it works well!

#10 LIELONGREN Digital Alarm Clock

LIELONGREN alarm clock display is not evenly backlit due to the lights being on the sides. It’s easy to read despite that. Display has 3 adjustable brightness settings. It displays time, alarm settings, temperature (from 32. 0 °F to 115. 0 °F with ±3 °F accuracy), humidity (20% to 95% with ±3% accuracy) and day (Monday to Sunday).

You can set up two separate alarms.  When alarm goes off the buzzer frequency and alarms gradually increases (50 -> 65 -> 75 -> 85 dB) in a span of 1 minute. Alarm is not the loudest one so if you are hard to wake up it might be too quiet, but for most it will be loud enough. Alarm duration can be adjusted from 1 to 10 minutes, snooze – from 1 to 30 minutes.

LIELONGREN alarm clock is powered by two AA batteries which are not included and have to be purchased separately.

#11 Rocam CR1008 Digital Alarm Clock

Rocam CR1008 digital alarm clock has 6.5″ LED display. Screen has adjustable brightness from almost completely black to pretty bright. On top of that it has a night light on top with switchable colors (cobalt blue, sky blue, green, oyster white, beige, shocking pink and purple) and it can be turned off too.

Alarm has 3 loudness settings: low, medium and high. It’s very loud on high setting. It also features 9 minute snooze function.

It has two USB ports in the back for charging devices like your smartphone.

It’s powered by US 120V AC power outlet but you can use 2 1.5V AAA batteries as a backup power source, the display will be blank when using batteries but the alarm will still go off and wake you up.

It’s lightweight and does feel cheaply made, but if you don’t drop it it should last for a while.

#12 PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock

PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock has 180° swivel projector which outputs projections that’s a bit blurry but readable. Projections has 4 brightness settings (off / dim / medium/ bright) whereas display has 6.

You can choose between 4 different alarm sounds (they are nice and pleasant) and 3 different levels of volume. Snooze functions lets you enjoy extra 9 minutes of sleep. It also has dual alarm function so you can set up two separate alarms.

It has FM radio and can remember up to 15 preset stations. It has 33 inch antenna for better reception, you can go to sleep with radio on and set it to turn off after 5-90 minutes. It has USB port for charging your phone.

#13 iHome iBT29BC

iHome iBT29BC is a simply gorgeous alarm clock but it has some flaws. The bluetooth connection is weak and loses connectivity all the time. iHome iBT29BC is also a bit complicated to use because the buttons are small and the device is challenging to program. Speakers outputs low quality audio. Overall build quality feels mediocre. The best thing about iHome iBT29BC alarm clock is how it looks – it’s simply gorgeous with all the beautiful lighting with gorgeous colors.

You can either opt out for default alarm note or use FM radio or any other audio through bluetooth connection as alarm (although since bluetooth connection is weak it won’t work most of the time).

It’s 6.03 inches wide, 5.3 inches tall and 6.03 inches deep. iHome iBT29BC weighs 1.37lbs.

#14 RCA RCD20 Digital Alarm Clock

RCA RCD20 digital alarm clock has 0.7 inch LED display. Alarm is very loud and unpleasant sound. It will certainly wake you up however don’t be surprised if the sound makes your ears hurt or causes headache. It also seems to have problem with keeping time accurately, sometimes it adds hour or two to the time and if that happens the alarm might wake you up later than it’s supposed to.

RCA RCD20 digital alarm clock is small in size and doesn’t feel that well made. It’s not super fragile but neither does it feel sturdy.

#15 Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock

Dr. Prepare alarm clock features projection that displays time and indoor temperature. Projection can be read easily with optimal projection distance of 3.3-10 feet.

LCD display has 4 levels of brightness. You can choose either 12-hour or 24-hour time format, whichever you prefer more.

You can set up two separate alarms and set them to work everyday or just on weekdays or weekends. Alarm lasts 2 minutes when it goes off and gradually increases in volume. Snooze duration can be adjusted from 5 to 60 minutes.

It seems like it’s a bit buggy in sense that time sometimes seem to jump forward by couple hours (it uses radio signal to calibrate time so that could be the source of the bug). If that happens then alarm can go off too late which might cause a lot of trouble to you.

It gives indoor and outdoor temperature readout, however outdoor temperature reading is way off rendering it useless. It also measures humidity.

Overall build quality is mediocre. It’s IPX4 rated which means it’s protected from splashing water.

It’s powered with 5V/1.5A adapter but you can use CR3032 3V battery as backup power for saving settings, the LCD screen won’t be on all the time when it’s battery powered.

#16 RCA RCD30

RCA RCD30 has 1.4 inch display. According to consumer feedback it seems that digital display is unreliable and often breaks after short period of time.

It doesn’t have save setting for alarm so you have to set it up everyday. Alarm is loud but the buzz is unpleasant.

It only 3 slide buttons: Alarm on/off; display brightness low/high; set time/set alarm/lock, so alarm clock is pretty straight forward. It also has snooze button on top which is conveniently placed.

It’s cord powered and can run on batteries too (display is turned off when running on batteries but the alarm will still work), however it doesn’t keep time accurately when running on batteries which makes it ineffective as alarm clock.

#17 Magnasonic EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

Magnasonic EAAC601 features 180-degree swivel projection. Projection quality is bad and can be hard to see. It’s also not very reliable when it comes to keeping correct time. It has 3.6″ blue LCD display with 3 brightness settings available – high, low and off. It’s AC cord powered but also has built-in CR2032 flat lithium battery as a backup power source.

You can set two different alarms and disable either or both on weekends if necessary. You can choose either buzzing or radio as alarm sound.

Magnasonic EAAC601 has built in AM/FM radio with digital tuning but the sound quality is so terrible it’s hard to imagine someone listening to it. It also displays current date (day/month/year) and rooms temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, whichever you prefer.

Magnasonic EAAC601 alarm clock is 5.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep and 4.76 inches high. It weighs 1.23 pounds. Magnasonic EAAC601 is FCC/ICES and ETL/CETL certified.

#18 hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs sunrise alarm clock simulates sunrise. It’s not the best sunrise simulation alarm clock to be said kindly. It starts to simulate sunrise with about 50% brightness which alone will immediately wake up many and that defeats the whole purpose of simulation. It starts simulation 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, and when it goes off the light goes off which is another flaw. For alarm sound you can choose between different nature sounds (like birds, lullaby and ocean waves), they are very nice.

You can switch between 8 different colors including green, red, blue, purple and yellow. According to consumer feedback the display is very unreliable and often breaks after not much of use. Push buttons are responsive. You can switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time format.

This clock also features FM radio.

hOmeLabs sunrise alarm clock measures at 3.9″ x 6.8″ x 7.2″.

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