Best Electric Wine Bottle Openers (Review)

Opening a bottle of wine is much easier and faster with electric wine bottle opener than regular corkscrew, making your wine sessions even more enjoyable and care free. I have done extensive research to help you choose the best electric wine bottle opener out of 16 different models! You can read the full article below:

#1 Secura SWO-3N Electrical Wine Bottle Opener

Secura SWO-3N electrical wine bottle opener has a stainless steel housing with a transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism.

It performs well and consistently. The corkscrew enters the cork easily and seems to work effortlessly during whole process. The whole process of removing the cork takes about 4-5 seconds. Secura SWO-3N feels good in your hands, it it of good weight and has a nice balance. It feels reasonably sturdy and not cheap at all.

The foil cutter is not integrated in the bottle opener, instead it attaches separately to the base which is not as convenient design as some other openers that have it built-in. However it does remove seals very nicely. The base works as a charger so you don’t really have to worry about running out of battery life, as it’s always charging when not being used. It has a nice blue LED light and the wine bottle opener works as elegant piece of decor too.

Overall Secura SWO-3N is a good wine bottle opener and considering its price it offers great value for money.

#2 BFULL Electric Wine Opener

BFULL electric wine opener comes with lots of accessories including vacuum wine stopper, air pump wine opener, wine pourer and foil cutter. All of the accessories including the opener itself are of very high quality and they seem durable. BFULL wine opener runs on 4x AA batteries.

BFULL wine opener works effectively and extracts the cork from the bottle without any effort. Removing the cork is easy, simple and fast (about 4 seconds). The foil cutter is well designed and works perfectly!

Overall BFULL wine opener is well made, works great and comes with a lot of accessories for cheap pricing. It offers great value for money and is a good choice.

How to use:

  1. Cut and remove the wine bottle foil with included foil cutter.
  2. Insert the openers needle fully into the cork.
  3. Press the “down” button until the cork is fully pulled out.
  4. Press the upper part of the button to release the cork.

#3 FGXJKGH Electric Wine Opener

FGXJKGH electric wine opener works well and is simple to use, although it is a bit slow. To you use it you just place the bottle opener over the cork and press the bottom button – opener will drill into the cork and pull it out of the bottle. Afterwards you press the upper button to release the cork. Overall build quality of the opener feels good, it’s made from aluminum alloy and feels sturdy. It runs on 4x AA batteries which are not included.

Comes with some accessories like foil cutter, wine pourer and vacuum wine stopper. The foil cutter is of mediocre, but it does the job. Wine pourer is a bit small but seems to do its job too. Vacuum stopper actually is pretty good, it creates a really good seal.

Overall this is a good wine opener, the only downside is that it’s a bit slow.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Electric Wine Opener
  • 1 x Foil cutter
  • 1 x Wine Pourer
  • 1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper

#4 Vomelon Electric Wine Opener

Vomelon electric wine opener is one of the most convenient openers out there! It’s super easy to use and works very well. Both pulling and releasing the cork goes very smoothly! It removes cork in about 7 seconds – some openers do it faster but 7 seconds doesn’t feel too long either. Comes with a foil cutter that’s designed to also work as the base. The opener itself is high quality and well made, the quality of foil cutter is mediocre though although it works pretty well.

Overall this is a great electric wine opener for very affordable pricing which make it a great choice.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Wine opener
  • 1 x Multifunction foil cutter
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x Service card

#5 COMPONALL Electric Wine Opener

COMPONALL electric wine opener works very well and it is easy to use, removes corks effortlessly in ~6 seconds. Enter corkscrew in the middle of the cork, hold the down button and the corks comes out, then hold the up button and the cork is removed from the opener. It has power indicator which shows roughly how much charge there is left. It has passed FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS certifications.

It comes with awesome foil cutter that works perfectly! Holds charge very well.

Overall this is a great wine opener. Not quite the best but not far from it!

Package includes:

  • 1 x Electric Wine Opener
  • 1 x Foil Cutter
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x User Manual

#6 FLASNAKE Rose Gold Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener

FLASNAKE rechargeable electric wine opener is very simple to use and it performs great too! Easily removes both natural and plastic corks in ~7 seconds. The opener is very durable and holds charge well. It has rose gold stainless steel housing – which looks quite interesting and might not be to everyone’s taste. It also has LED indicator that displays how much charge is left which is very convenient.

Comes with USB cable for charging but doesn’t include transformer, so if you don’t have one you won’t be able to charge from outlet.

Overall this is a good wine opener, however it isn’t quite among the best.


  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Battery: 700 mAh
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Wine Opener Dimensions: 2.0 x 8.6 inch
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Package includes:
    • 1 x Electric Wine Opener
    • 1 x Foil Cutters
    • 1 x USB Charging Line
    • 1 x Operate Instruction

#7 Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener

Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux electric wine opener works reasonably well but it’s not perfect. It’s a bit loud and slow, the motor seems to struggle a bit under load which is why it takes a bit of time to extract the work. But the whole process is very simple and using this wine opener is easy. Corkscrew enters the cork easily and pulls out it. It has removable lid that converts into a foil cutter.

Overall this is a decent wine opener but certainly not the best.

#8 GOSCIEN Electric Wine Bottle Opener

GOSCIEN electric wine bottle opener extracts corks out of bottles without any struggle. Just put opener over the bottle and press the button – it pulls out cork without any hesitation or slowing down. Press it again to remove the cork. Unit feels durable and well made. The foil cutter also serves as base, it’s well designed and works great.

Overall this is a great wine opener, however the value for money is not the best although still pretty decent.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Electric Wine Opener
  • 1 x Foil Cutter
  • 1 x USB Data Cable (doesn’t include charging plug)
  • 1 x User Manual

#9 Leisurge Premium Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Leisurge electric wine bottle opener is very easy to use and works well as well, removes cork without effort in seconds. Opener has elegant design and nice rubber finish. Base works as foil cutter.

Overall this is a good bottle opener, it works well, feels well made and isn’t very expensive.

#10 TenderTwist Electric Wine Bottle Opener

TenderTwist electric wine bottle opener is easy to use, removes cork quickly and with ease – it showed no signs of struggling. It has lights that lets you know when the device is fully charge. Overall quality feels decent but isn’t great. Foil capsule cutter, auto corkscrew, USB cable and charger are included too.

Overall this is a good wine opener, but the value for money isn’t the best.

#11 Kinghouse Electric Wine Opener Set

Kinghouse electric wine opener set includes 1 electric corkscrew opener, 1 air pressure pump opener, 1 wine aerator pourer, 1 vacuum stopper and 1 foil cutter. The wine openers does the job but it seems to slow down a bit when removing the cork, indicating that it’s not very powerful. It easy and simple to use.

Overall Kinghouse electric wine opener is a decent device, but it’s far from best.
Package contents:
  • 1 x Electric Corkscrew Opener
  • 1 x Air Pressure Pump Opener
  • 1 x Wine Aerator Pourer
  • 1 x Vacuum Stoppers
  • 1 x Foil Cutter

#12 Ivation Wine Gift Set

Ivation wine gift set includes 1 electric corkscrew opener, 1 electric wine preserver, 2 stoppers with date function, 1 2-in-1 wine aerator & pourer, 1 foil cutter, 1 LED charging station and 1 power adapter. The electric corkscrew opener is powerful and easily removes any type of cork from the wine bottle. Both the electric wine opener and electric bottle preserver illuminates beautiful blue LED lights when attached to the base. The base also works as charger. Although most of the consumers are happy with their Ivation bottle openers, some have complained about it breaking after some use. So reliability might be a potential issue.


  • Wine opener dimensions: 2″ x 9.7″
  • Wine preserver dimensions: 2″ x 7.6″
  • Charging base dimensions: 7.9″ x 4.3″ x 1″
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Power input: 9V DC 200mA
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x Electric Corkscrew Opener
    • 1 x Electric Wine Preserver
    • 2 x Stoppers with Date Function
    • 1 x 2-in-1 Wine Aerator & Pourer
    • 1 x Foil Cutter
    • 1 x LED Charging Station
    • 1 x Power Adapter

#13 Cuisinart CWO-50 086279096395 Cordless Wine Opener

Cuisinart CWO-50 086279096395 cordless wine opener performs pretty well and pulls out corks out of wine bottles with ease. It comes with foil cutter to trim off foil seals and vacuum sealer which preserves flavor of wines you haven’t finished. The device has a nice elegant design with stainless steel accents and rubberized handset for improved grip when holding it. The base works as a charger.

Most of the consumers really like this wine opener, however there is a significant amount of reports about it breaking after about a year of use. So although it seems like a nice device and performs quite well it might not last a long time.

Overall Cuisinart CWO-50 086279096395 is a decent wine bottle opener, however it might not last a long time so it’s certainly not the best choice.

#14 Cuisinart CWO-25 Electric Wine Opener

Cuisinart CWO-25 electric wine opener is plenty powerful and pulls out cork with ease, however if also has some flaws. First of all you have to get used to it. You have to make sure the screw goes pretty much perfectly vertically – if you go at angle it will destroy the cork and then it will be super problematic to get it out haha. It also works kind of loud which some can find very annoying. It opens 15-20 bottles with single charge.

Cuisinart CWO-25 wine bottle opener has stainless steel housing and in combination of design it looks very elegant.

Reliability seems to be potential issue too. There is a significant amount of complaints from consumers about the device breaking after 2-3 months of use. Most of the feedback is positive though, but you still have to consider the possibility of running into reliability issues.

Overall Cuisinart CWO-25 is not a bad wine bottle opener, but there are many better alternatives for similar pricing.

#15 Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener works pretty well, although it’s not as effortless as the best openers. It’s somewhat large so might not be very comfortable to use if you have small hands. The base works as charger. It comes with foil cutter which attaches to the base. It would be more convenient if it was attached to the opener itself, but that’s a minor criticism. There is a concerning amount of complaints about reliability from consumers although most of the feedback is positive. Some experience the device breaking after few weeks or months of use, sometimes even after few first uses.

Overall Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener is a mediocre device with a potential reliability issues. There are better openers available for similar pricing.

#16 Hamilton Beach 76610 Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Hamilton Beach 76610 cordless electric wine bottle opener performance could be described as mediocre at best. Most of the time it does well enough job, but sometimes it struggles to get the cork out. The base works as a charger. Comes with foil cutter.

Overall Hamilton Beach 76610 does the job, but barely. It functions weakly therefore therefore cannot be recommended.

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