Best Digital Kitchen Scale (Review)

If you want your cooking game to be on the next level you need a digital kitchen scale. With accurate food scale you will be able to achieve perfect ingredient proportions which in turn will help you to cook delicious food and be consistent at that. Or maybe you are on a diet and counting calories and/or macros is essential to you – doing so accurately is impossible without a scale. Anyway a proper food scale will always be useful in kitchen.

I have done extensive research to help you choose the best digital kitchen scale out of 13 different models. Find out which digital kitchen scales you should consider and which ones to avoid!

#1 Escali Primo P115C Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Escali Primo P115C Precision kitchen scale can weigh up to 11 lb (5,000 grams). Measurements are super precise. You can test it with calibration weights – 1 gram is displayed as 1 gram, 250 grams are displayed as 250 grams. Weigh something that weighs 187 grams – it will show 187 grams. It also passes consistency test – weighing same items over and over again produce consistent readings. It provides weight readings in 0.05 oz (1 g) increments.

According to consumer reports the scale is very reliable, there are many reports that the scale keeps working after 5+ years of daily use without any loss of precision.

It has tare function which resets the reading with a press of a button so adding precisely the needed amount of each ingredient is very simple. Scale is simple to use and has only two buttons – one for turning the device on/off and taring, the other one for switching between units (oz, lb:oz, g). Scale automatically turns off after 4 minutes of inactivity to save battery life so if you forget to turn it off it’s not a big deal. Buttons and display are sealed for protection against liquids/spillage. It runs on two AA batteries and they are included. Scales dimensions are 8.5 (length) x 6 (width) x 1.5 (height) inches.

Overall this seems to be the best digital kitchen scale. It’s very precise, reliable and not too expensive.

#2 Etekcity Multifunction Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Etekcity digital kitchen food scale can measure weights from 1 gram up to 5 kilograms (11 pounds). They smaller than pictures might suggest – the base of the scale is about 7.5 inches wide and the top that does the scaling is about 4.5 inches wide. It’s made with stainless steel and overall build quality is good. Despite being quite small in size the scales feels quite well made and should last a long time.

The most important attribute for digital scales is obviously how precise they are and these ones do not disappoint. Etekcity digital scales are among the most accurate ones in this list, they are precise enough to measure single digit grams with near perfect precision. Measures both metric and imperial units: kg (g) and lb. (Oz).

The scale also features temperature sensor and can measure temperature of the room in Fahrenheit however it’s far from being precise, it’s not tragic though since it’s not a feature many will need. The backlit LCD display is easy to read. runs on 2 AAA batteries (they are included). Battery life is good too, of course it depends on how much you use the scale and the batteries themselves but you could expect battery life of at least 6 months, but it can last much longer too.

Scales come with a 2.15 liter (0.57 gallon) bowl for mixing ingredients, the bowl is just under 4 inches deep and just a bit over 8 inches wide. Works great with the tare function, as you reset the scale to zero between the ingredients which makes adding the right amount of anything very simple.

Overall this is one of the best digital scales for kitchen use. It’s accurate, well made and offers great value for money.

#3 INEVIFIT Digital Kitchen Scale

INEVIFIT digital kitchen scale can weigh up to 13 lbs (6 kg) in precise 0.04 oz (1g) increments. The scale is very accurate and consistent in its readings.

Design is very simple and easy to use – there are only 2 buttons. One is used to turn the scale on, off or tare and the other one is for switching between the units (lbs, oz and grams). Display is backlit and easy to read, there is even a low battery indicator. It runs on 3 AAA batteries (they are included).

The only negative about this scale is that larger bowls and plates can obscure the display.

Overall this is a very good kitchen scale. It’s accurate and inexpensive.

#4 AMIR Upgraded Digital Kitchen Scale

AMIR digital kitchen scale can accurately weigh from 0.05 grams to 500 grams. The maximum weighable weight is very little compared to other scales and will not be enough for most. However it measures to a hundredth of a gram (0.01 g), which is far more precise than other scales. However you need 100 gram calibration tool for it to measure weight precisely. Very few people would actually need such precision and calibrating your device every time you use it can be a bit annoying despite it takes virtually no time.

It has stainless steel platform and ABS plastic frame. AMIR digital kitchen scale can measure in different units: g, tl, oz, ct, and gn. It has blue backlit LCD screen. It even alerts when the battery is low, when there is overload or when scale is on uneven surface (which impacts precision). You can turn off the auto-off function which is something you can’t usually do with kitchen scales, this is not something everyone needs but those who tend to be slow with their weighting will appreciate it.

AMIR digital kitchen scale dimensions are 4″ x 5″ x 3/4″, platform dimensions – 4 inches by 4 inches. It comes with two trays – one is 13 cm and the other one 10 cm.

Overall this is the most precise scale you can get for this pricing, however it’s not the most convenient for kitchen use.

#5 GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

GDEALER DS1 digital food scale can weigh up to 500 grams, however stuff weighing under 3 grams might produce inaccurate reading. It does require calibration and you need 100 gram calibration weight for it which is not included, but when calibrated this device is very accurate. It measures in 0.01 gram increments (yes, that’s one hundredth of a gram.). When calibrated it’s spot on with weight reading most of the time, but when it’s not the margin of error is small: 0.01 grams with low weights and up to 0.03 grams with heavier weights. However since it can weigh up to only 500 grams (about 17.7 oz) it won’t suit everyone. Considering the relatively low maximum weight, high precision and the fact that company is called “GDEALER” I have slight suspicion that the primary intend for these scales is not kitchen use. If they were made for weighing food then that food must be a special kind of oregano.

The frame of GDEALER DS1 is made from plastic, whereas the plate – from stainless steel. GDEALER DS1 food scale can measure in different units: g, ozt, oz, ct and gn. t has blue backlit LCD display that’s easy to read. It has counting pieces function which obviously counts pieces of things you place on it.

#6 MUELLER Digital Kitchen Scale

MUELLER digital kitchen scale can weigh from 5 grams to 5 kilograms (11 pounds). Scale seems to be quite accurate but it’s certainly not the most precise one, it seems to be accurate to 0.04-0.05 Oz.  Works with multiple units – oz, ml, lb/oz, g. It uses 4 transducers .

It looks very elegant and is easy to clean. It has large backlit LCD display and it’s easy to read! It has tare function which resets the readout between adding the ingredients. Scale automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of inactivity. Rubber feet are poorly made and detach after few weeks. It’s CE/ROHS Certified.

#7 Accuweight 207 Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

Accuweight 207 digital kitchen scale weighs up to 5000 grams (5 kilograms or 11 pounds). It can measure multiple units – pounds, ounces, grams, milliliters, fluid ounces. Scale is pretty accurate most of the time but sometimes it does experience some fluctuations. It runs on two AAA batteries which are included. Just like nearly all of the kitchen weights this one also has the tare function.

The biggest flaw of Accuweight 207 scale is how slow it is. It takes like 2 seconds for it to update the reading and it can be very annoying if you add little by little to achieve the desired weight of something.

The scale is 7.9 inches long, 6.4 inches wide and 1.4 inches tall. It weighs 1.4 pounds. It has a large 3.2″ blue backlit LCD display which is easy to read.

Overall Accuweight 207 is a decent kitchen scale but it’s not quite among the best.

#8 My Weigh KD8000 Kitchen Scale

My Weigh KD8000 kitchen scale can weigh up to 8000 grams of weight. It’s pretty accurate and has multiple weighing modes:

  • Pounces/Ounces
    • Maximum capacity: 17 lbs 9 oz
    • Increments: 0.05 oz
  • Pounds
    • Maximum capacity: 17.62 lbs
    • Increments: 0.002 lb
  • Ounces
    • Maximum capacity: 281.9 oz
    • Increments: 0.05 oz
  • Grams
    • Maximum capacity: 8000 grams
    • Increments: 1 g
  • Kilograms
    • Maximum capacity: 8 kg
    • Increments: 0.001 kg

It runs on 3 AA batteries which are included but you can buy power cord separately and power it by AC. Display is backlit and easy to read. Scale is smaller than pictures might suggest, its dimensions are 9.8 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches. On major flow of this scale seems to be reliability – according to consumers reports My Weigh KD8000 kitchen scale stops working after 6-12 months of use.

The scale is professionally factory calibrated before shipment. If you want to re-calibrate the scale for one reason or another you will need 5 kilogram calibration weight for it. This is how you calibrate the scale:

  1. Turn the scale OFF
  2. Place it on a flat surface
  3. Hold “Mode” and “RED Power” buttons simultaneously until the scale turns on
  4. Wait for it to display “CALE”
  5. Place 5 kilogram calibration weight on the tray
  6. Wait 3 seconds and press tare
  7. Congratulations, calibration is complete!

Overall this scale is pretty accurate, but it seems like it’s not long lasting and it’s also quite expensive so it’s not that great of a value for money.

#9 Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale

Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale weighs up to 11.24 lbs (5100 grams). It runs on two AAA batteries. Displays output changes in increments of 0.03 ounces, so the measurement isn’t super precise but it’s not far from it. No complaints about accuracy though – it’s certainly more precise than vast majority of scales, especially at this pricing. Scale converts between 5 units of measurements – g, lbs, lbs:oz, oz, m. It has two other functions too – tare button and auto turn off after 2 minutes function.

Ozeri ZK14-S food scale seem to be badly build, there are tons of complaints from consumers about it starting to give absolutely wrong weight outputs or it stopping working all together after few months of use. The overall build quality of the unit also feels mediocre.

Overall Ozeri ZK14-S food scale performs very well for its pricing, however reliability seems to be a major issue according to consumer feedback.

#10 Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Weight Scale

Etekcity digital kitchen food weight scale is made with food-grade 304 stainless-steel, it weighs from 5 grams (0,17 oz) to 5 kilograms (11 pounds). It’s not terrible inaccurate, but it certainly isn’t the most accurate scale in this list. For measuring cooking ingredients it is precise enough to achieve proper proportions, however if you are counting calories or need your scale to be very precise for other reasons then this one is not for you.

It can weigh in multiple units: grams, oz, lb and can measure volume of milk and water in mL. You can switch between the units while the item is on the scale.

Design of the Etekcity food scale is aesthetically pleasing, it does look good. It has backlit LCD display that’s easy to read, however the scale is flat so when you put a bigger dish on it, it covers the display so you can’t see the reading. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and warns you when they are running out of juice.

#11 GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale can weigh up to 11 lbs (5 kilograms). Its weighing surface is 6 by 6 inches large. This scale is not precise, especially if you are weighing in grams – then it’s crazy inaccurate. You also have to add more than 2 grams for it to register any change in its reading. The scale runs on 2 CR2032 batteries (this is another negative, most of these scales run on AAA batteries have much greater value (energy) for money) and they are included.

Overall GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale is very inexpensive and it shows. It’s very inaccurate compared to other scales.

#12 ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital scale

What makes ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 digital scale unique is that it can weight items up to 50 pounds (about 22.5 kilograms). It seems a bit of an overkill because fitting almost anything that weighs 50 pounds on this scale seems to be impossible haha. According to manufacturer the scale weighs with a precision of 0.1 oz weights up to 25 pounds and precision of 0.2 oz weights above 25 pounds. Scale seem to work well with heavier weights (although sometimes it still gives inacurate reading), however when it comes to single or double digit grams it can be very inaccurate. Sometimes you have to add 20 grams of stuff before it detects anything. Digital display is pretty big and easy to read.

It can run either on 3 AAA batteries (which are included) or can be powered by AC power. It seems to work more precisely when it’s AC powered interestingly enough.

Overall there are better scales for kitchen appliances than ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 digital scale.

#13 OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

With OXO Good Grips food scale you can weigh up to 11 lbs of weight. Unfortunately this scale is deeply flawed. It’s not that precise, especially when measuring very small quantities. It can take 2, 5 or even more grams of substance for the scale to register it. And measuring in oz unit is weird too because the weight is displayed in fractions, like 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 5/8 oz, 3/4 oz, 7/8 oz – it’s just really weird, the denominator changes all the time so you have to calculate in your head which is too much of a hassle. It also never uses the denominator “10” which would make thing at least a bit simpler. And because the smallest increment for measuring in oz is “1/8” measurements are very inaccurate in oz.

Another really annoying this is that the scale work very slow! Everytime you put something on it you have to wait a while for the reading to update.

OXO Good Grips food scale runs on 4 AAA batteries and they are included. It’s 9.5 inches long and 7.25 inches wide. It has one unique feature – you can pull out the digital display a couple inches away from the scale so that bigger plates or bowls doesn’t cover it. Display is hard to read – you can tap to turn on backlight which improves readability but the backlight turns off after about 30 seconds – this is very inconvenient solution as you have to keep tapping for the backlight all the time to be able read the readout.

Overall OXO Good Grips food scale is expensive, doesn’t perform well and is slow – this is why you should avoid it!

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