Best Coffee Pod Holders (Review)

Coffee pod holders makes accessing your coffee pods convenient (which can be of highest priority in the morning when you are still groggy and sleepy) and lets you store them in a neat, orderly manner. Some of them are also elegantly designed and can serve as a piece of decor while having a practical application.

I have done extensive research to help you choose the best coffee pod holder out of 8 different models. Find out which coffee pod holders you should consider and which ones to avoid!:

#1 DecoBros Nespresso OriginalLine Storage Drawer

DecoBros Nespresso OriginalLine storage drawer holds 42 small Nespresso OriginalLine capsules but the tray is removable so if you remove it you can store more (or fit different type of pods that wouldn’t fit in the tray).

Shelf is crystal tempered glass which is sturdy and can support coffee machine on top of it. Drawer is made of hard plastic but feels sturdy enough and looks good too.

Quality control might be lacking a bit as there are some consumers who have complained about drawer making squeaking noises when being opened/closed (some units probably have parts rubbing against each other causing little bit of friction and noise due to some small imprecisions) however this is not the case with most units. If your unit however does this you can try to put some vaseline or dry lube on the rails.

DecoBros crystal tempered glass capsule storage drawer is 13.4 inches wide, 14.3 inches long and 2.7 inches tall.

Overall build quality wise it might not be the very best coffee pod holder but it’s more than good enough (and better than most for sure). What makes this one stand out is the removable tray so it works with different type of pods, whereas most of the holders are designed for specific type of capsules.

#2 NIFTY K-Cup Carousel Coffee Pod Holder

NIFTY Carousel is designed for Keurig K-Cup coffee pods and will also work with some other cups (but Nespresso OriginalLine, Vertuline Rivo, Lavazza or Starbucks pods won’t fit). It holds 35 pods. It rotates 360 degrees smoothly and effortlessly without any noise.

NIFTY Carousel coffee pod holder is sturdy and well made. It looks good with the black powder coat finish too. Base has non-slip pad attached to prevent it from sliding around.

NIFTY Carousel coffee pod holder is 13 inches high and 7 inches in diameter.

#3 DecoBros Storage Drawer for Nespresso Vertuoline Capsules

DecoBros Crystal capsule storage drawer is designed for Nespresso Vertuoline capsules, but you can remove the foam tray and fit other types of coffee pods too. With the tray remaining inside you will be able to fit 20 coffee capsules or 40 espresso capsules. It’s 14.3 inches long, 13.4 inches wide and 3.3 inches high.

DecoBros capsule storage drawer has a very nice tempered glass top however rest of the drawer doesn’t feel very high quality, it’s plasticky and feels a bit flimsy (except frame which is made of metal). In reality it’s not that bad, it just feels that way. Drawer doesn’t open all the way out so accessing last row of pods is a bit difficult. Opening/closing it also feels slightly awkward.

Overall this is not a bad coffee pod holder (which is what you might think after mentioning all the nitpicks), it looks nice and does work pretty well but obviously it’s not perfect.

#4 DecoBros K-cup Storage Drawer

DecoBros K-cup storage drawer is designed to store 36 Keurig coffee pods. Drawers are stackable and remain stable when stacked. Keurig coffee machine fits well on top of the storage drawer and there is no vibration when it’s operating.

Drawer opens/closes smoothly and stops at a certain point (so you don’t accidentally extend it too much). Storage drawer has rubber feet to prevent sliding. It’s 13.25 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 3.125 inches high. Feels well made and is reasonably sturdy.

#5 Mind Reader ‘Anchor’ Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

Mind Reader ‘Anchor’ coffee pod storage drawer holds 12 coffee pods per drawer, it has a total of 3 drawers so it can hold total of 36 pods. It’s made of plastic (except the handles which are metal) and feels pretty cheap and not that sturdy. It’s sturdy enough to place coffee machine on top of it however it’s hard to predict how long the plastic will last with the extra pressure.

Storage drawer has rubber feet on the bottom for grip to prevent it from sliding when you open or close the drawers. Drawers themselves open/close smoothly. It must be mentioned that this unit is not the best for stacking.

#6 Nifty Under the Brewer Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

Nifty Under the Brewer coffee pod storage drawer is designed to hold 36 k-cups (but it can hold up to 42 if you turn every other row of cups upside down). Sides are exposed which makes this storage drawer look less elegant and probably has some effect on structural strength too since it sags a bit if you place Keurig coffee maker with full water reservoir on top of it. Other than that it works well, drawer opens/closes smoothly.

Nifty Under the Brewer coffee pod storage drawer is 13.25 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 3.125 inches high. It has black satin finish.

#7 Everie Carousel Coffee Pod Storage

Everie Carousel coffee pod storage holds 40 K-cups. It’s very easy to assemble (takes a minute or less) and swivels smoothly without effort. It doesn’t wobble and feels pretty sturdy despite being made of plastic (except rod that’s is made of metal). It looks good too!

Everie Carousel coffee pod storage is 8 inches wide, 8 inches long and 12.4 inches high.

#8 Nifty K-Cup Carousel

Nifty K-Cup Carousel holds up to 35 coffee pods (it’s specifically designed for K-Cups). It rotates in 360 degrees smoothly with just a light touch. It’s sturdy and feels well made.

Nifty K-Cup Carousel is compact – it’s 13 inches high and 7 inches in diameter. It has elegant chrome finish and looks great.

#9 BLACKSMITH FAMILY K-35 Cup Carousel

BLACKSMITH FAMILY K-35 cup carousel can hold 35 K-Cups and coffee pods. It’s easy to assemble and feels sturdy. It spins in 360 degrees smoothly without any issues. Over time it does become wobbly but when that happens all you have to do is retighten the screw underneath and it’s solid again. It feels well made and looks good with the matte black finish.

BLACKSMITH FAMILY K-35 cup carousel is 6.5 inches wide, 6.5 deep and 12.375 inches high.

#10 NIFTY Nespresso Capsule Storage Drawer

NIFTY Nespresso capsule storage drawer can hold 40 VertuoLine pods, however pods don’t fit all that well inside and getting all 40 in is a bit tricky and you might end up with storing a bit less than that. You might find opening the drawer a bit confusing at first, like it doesn’t want to open properly, however you have to push the lever that’s at the bottom under the handle and it will open smoothly.

It’s not the best option for coffee machines with separate water tank that need level surface to prevent water leaks like VertuoPlus because if you put it on top of the storage drawer there will be slight bending and surface won’t be perfectly level. Another issue is that because the drawer doesn’t open all the way pods in the last row are very hard to access.

NIFTY Nespresso capsule storage drawer has black powder coat finish and it looks elegant and sleek.

#11 Mind Reader Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

Mind Reader coffee pod storage drawer is designed to hold 30 K-Cups, 35 CBTL, Verismo or Dolce Gusto pods.

It opens and closes easily without much effort however the pods stored at the very back are hard to access because drawer doesn’t open far enough. Some of the pods don’t fit too well too and are a tight fit, they can run into each other and get knocked around.

Mind Reader coffee pod storage drawer is a bit flimsy compared to other coffee pod storage drawers. it’s 9.37 inches wide, 13.07 inches deep and 2.52 inches high.

#12 AmazonBasics Nespresso Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

AmazonBasics Nespresso coffee pod storage drawer is designed to hold up to 50 Nespresso capsules, however it’s not compatible with VertuoLine ones.

Build quality is pretty cheap, drawer is made from cheap plastic that’s thin and feels a bit flimsy. Doesn’t open and close as smoothly as other units. Drawer also doesn’t open all the way so last rows are a bit difficult to access.

AmazonBasics coffee pod storage drawer is 14.9 inches wide, 9.1 inches long and 2 inches high. It has anti-slip pad attached to the bottom.

Overall this is a mediocre coffee pod holder, there are other models that are better.

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