Best BODEGA Wine Coolers (Review)

BODEGA makes many different models of wine coolers – so which one is the best one for you? Let’s find out!

#1 BODEGA JC-85A 15-Inch Wine Cooler

BODEGA JC-85A wine cooler can hold up to 31 bottles of wine. How many you will be able to fit inside depends on the size of bottles but realistically expect to fit 18 to 26. Total chamber volume is 3.02 cubic foot or 85.5 liters.

Temperature inside the chamber can be adjusted from 41°F to 68°F. BODEGA JC-85A works pretty well as temperatures are accurate but can fluctuate by 1 or 2 degrees. It also doesn’t make too much noise but it isn’t noiseless. It won’t bother you unless you place it somewhere you want complete silence.

Front vent allows this wine cooler to be built-in but obviously you can leave it freestanding if you want so.

Control panel

Control panel is similar to what you might have seen on other wine coolers. There’s an LCD display that shows selected temperature setting and 6 buttons:

  • Power button: Turns wine cooler on or off.
  • °C/°F button: Switches between temperature scales (Celsius and Fahrenheit).
  • Thermometer button: Press it before adjusting temperature.
  • + button: Press to increase temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • – button: Press to decrease temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • Bulb button: Turns interior light on/off.

After some inactivity control panel will automatically lock itself and become unresponsive. To unlock it you have to hold + and – buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.


To maintain the quality of your wine BODEGA JC-85A features UV blocking double layers glass door and carbon filter system. Door can be locked to avoid undesired access to your wine.

Other features include adjustable leveling feet, blue internal LED light and safety system that will restore your temperature settings in case of a power outage when it comes back.


BODEGA JC-85A weighs 77 pounds (34.9 kilograms) and measures 15 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 34.1 inches high. Recommended built in dimensions are 15.4+ inches by 23.1+ inches by 34.5+ inches.


BODEGA JC-85A works well and isn’t terribly expensive. There are some slight temporary temperature fluctuations but they typically don’t affect temperature of wine. Considering all factors this will be the most suitable BODEGA wine cooler for most consumers.

#2 BODEGA JC-145A 24-Inch Wine Cooler

BODEGA JC-145A is basically a larger iteration of JC-85A, so if the latter doesn’t offer enough capacity for you then JC-145A might be up to the task.

It can hold up to 51 bottles but how many you will actually be able to fit inside again depends on the bottle sizes and how you stack them.

Just like JC-85A, JC-145A does a reasonably good job of keeping your wine cool at desired temperature. Some small temperature fluctuations can occur but they are typically short enough not to affect temperature of wine much (in terms of less than 1 degree).

Control panel

Control panel is identical to JC-85A. Same LCD display, same 6 buttons.


Yes, the features are also the same – double layers glass, carbon filter, adjustable leveling feet, front vent, lockable door etc.


BODEGA JC-145A measures 23.5 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 34.1 inches high. Recommended built-in dimensions are as follows: 23.9+ inches wide, 23.1+ inches deep and 34.5+ inches high.


If you are looking for a wine cooler with slightly larger capacity than typical then BODEGA JC-145A is worth consideration.

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