Best Antarctic Star Wine Coolers (Review)

With Antarctic Star making so many different wine coolers it might be difficult to choose the right one but after reading this review you will know which one suits your needs the best!

#1 Antarctic Star 5185B Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star 5185B is a dual zone wine cooler than according to manufacturer can hold up to 28 bottles of wine. It’s equipped with R600a refrigerant and has temperature range of 41°F to 68°F (41°F to 54°F in upper zone and 54°F to 68°F in lower zone).

How many bottles you can actually fit depends. You can fit 25 standard sized Bordeaux bottles inside pretty easily but getting 28 of them will be difficult. Larger bottles will reduce capacity even further.

Other than that Antarctic Star 5185B wine cooler works pretty well. Temperatures are accurate however they can fluctuate by couple degrees. Temperature of wine seems to stay pretty constant so it doesn’t seem to be affected by fluctuations much.

Antarctic Star 5185B wine cooler cools down fast and isn’t loud. It emits some noise so it’s not completely quiet either.


Antarctic Star 5185B features 2 LCD displays (one for each temperature zone) and 6 buttons:

  • “Power” button: Pressing it turns wine cooler on or off
  • “°C/°F” button: Pressing it makes wine cooler to switch between temperature scales (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • “Temperature scale” button: Pressing it makes you switch between temperature zones (for temperature adjustment).
  • “+” button: Pressing it increases temperature in corresponding temperature zone by 1 degree.
  • “-” button: Pressing it decreases temperature in corresponding temperature zone by 1 degree.
  • “Bulb” button: Pressing it turns interior light on or off.

After some period of inactivity control panel will be locked to prevent accidental tampering around settings. To unlock the control panel you have to hold ‘’+’’ and ‘’-’’ buttons simultaneously.


Antarctic Star 5185B is equipped with leveling feet and front vent which allows it to be used for built-in application. Door has a nice stainless steel finish and handle. Door is lockable and comes with key.

To maintain the quality of your wine Antarctic Star 5185B is equipped with activated charcoal filter to get rid of any odors or contaminations and maintain optimal air quality as well double pane tempered glass door to protect your wine from UV rays.

Shelves are pretty nice quality even though not quite as nice as you get with high-end models. They are made of beech wood and measures 10.63 inches wide and 17.32 inches deep.


Antarctic Star 5185B wine cooler and measures 14.9 inches wide by 22.7 inches deep by 34.2 inches high.

Recommended built-in dimensions as as follows: 15.3+ inches wide by 23.1+ inches deep by 34.6+ inches high (>360mm x >588mm x >880mm).


Antarctic Star 5185B works pretty well, feels well made, can keep different types of wine at different temperatures, can be built-in and isn’t crazy expensive. This is what makes it the best Antarctic Star wine cooler.

#2 Antarctic Star 51145B Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star 51145B is essentially larger version of 5185B. It can hold up to 48 bottles of wine but again actual capacity depends on bottle size. Total interior volume is 5.12 cubic foot or 145 liters. Other than the size both of them are pretty similar. Both of them are equipped with R600a refrigerant and are dual zone wine coolers with smaller upper zone (41°F to 54°F) and larger lower zone (54°F to 68°F).

Antarctic Star 51145B performs similarly too. Temperatures are accurate and constant for the most part but you might notice occasional fluctuations which usually don’t affect temperature of wine itself.


Control panel is identical to 5185B. You get two LCD displays and 6 buttons: “Power”, “°C/°F”, “Temperature scale”, ‘’+’’, ‘’-’’ and “bulb’’.


Antarctic Star 51145B features two-layer tempered glass window and activated charcoal filter to keep your wine in pristine condition. The door can be locked. It also has front vent for built-in application. Essentially all the same features as 5185B.

Each shelf measures 18.5 inches wide by 17.71 inches deep and are made of beech wood.


Antarctic Star 51145B wine cooler weighs 114.6 pounds (52 kg) and measures measures 23.4 inches wide by 22.7 inches deep by 34.2 inches high. Recommended built-in dimensions are 23.8+ inches wide by 23.1+ inches deep by 34.6+ inches high (>605mm x >580mm x >880mm).


If Antarctic Star 5185B is too small for your needs then 51145B is a good alternative as it’s basically the same wine cooler just larger.

#3 Antarctic Star SINAS46

Antarctic Star SINAS46 is the most popular wine cooler from the manufacturer. It’s not because it’s better than the two above it (it’s not!) but rather because it generally retails for significantly lower price.

Antarctic Star SINAS46 can hold up to 18 bottles of wine, at least according to Antarctic Star. Realistically expect to fit around 10. Total chamber volume is 1.6 cubic foot.

Despite being budget priced model Antarctic Star SINAS46 is a compressor wine cooler instead of thermoelectric which is a good thing.

Temperature inside the chamber can be adjusted from 40°F to 61°F. It seems to perform reasonably well considering the price for the most part. Some consumers have had issues (like failing to achieve desired temperature) though.

This is definitely not a model for keeping expensive wine at constant temperatures, but for simply keeping your wine cool it does the job.

Control panel

Controls feel cheap and are very basic. You get “On/Off’’ switch and a basic dial for temperature adjustment with no temperature indications. There’s no LCD display that shows selected temperature. To determine temperature inside the chamber and accordingly adjust it you will need a thermometer.


Overall quality is pretty good. Wine cooler itself feels pretty solid and shelves are made of stainless steel.


Antarctic Star SINAS46 wine cooler features dual-pane glass door. This model doesn’t have front vent so it can only be used for freestanding application with 2-inch clearance on all sides and top.

Size and weight

Antarctic Star SINAS46 measures 17.44 inches wide by 17.7 inches deep by 19 inches high. It weighs 40.5 lb or 18.4 kg.


Antarctic Star SINAS46 is a basic wine cooler that’s not made to store expensive wine bottles but if you are looking for something inexpensive that simply keeps your wine cool then this unit might be worth consideration. One flaw that we didn’t mentioned is that it can consume more energy than usual for this size of wine coolers.

#4 Antarctic Star INAS90

Antarctic Star INAS90 is another case of same model – larger version. Antarctic Star INAS90 can hold up to 28 wine bottles depending on their size.

Performance and features are the same. Chamber temperature ranges from 40°F to 61°F. Some consumers have stated that their unit performs flawlessly, others have had issues with temperature fluctuations or issues achieving specific temperature. Most of the consumer feedback is positive though.


Controls consist of a dial for temperature adjustment (with no indications) and on/off switch – just like Antarctic Star SINAS46.


Antarctic Star INAS90 has adjustable leveling legs and blue led interior light. It can be used only for freestanding application.

Size and weight

Antarctic Star INAS90 wine cooler weighs 48.5 pounds or 22 kilograms and measures 17.5 inches wide by 19.7 inches deep by 31.5 inches high.


Antarctic Star INAS90 is not amazing wine cooler, but it’s inexpensive unit that can keep your beverages cool.

#5 Antarctic Star AS75 Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star AS75 is another freestanding wine cooler. It features up to 24 bottle capacity and temperature range from 40°F to 61°F.

Actual performance varies. Sometimes it works pretty well, other times temperature can quite constantly fluctuate by up to 6 degrees. It’s not made for expensive beverages, rather for keeping relatively inexpensive ones cool, but that should be obvious considering the price.


Antarctic Star AS75 is equipped with LCD display and 3 buttons: ‘’-’’ and ‘’+’’ for temperature adjustments as well as ‘’bulb’’ button for turning interior light on/off or unlocking control panel when held.


Antarctic Star AS75 features include double pane glass door, soft led light, CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, five removable shelves and leveling legs.

Size and weight

Antarctic Star AS75 wine cooler weighs 44.1 pounds and measures 17.7” wide by 16.9” deep by 29.1” high.

Each shelf is 14.17 inches wide and 12.99 inches deep.


Antarctic Star AS75 doesn’t perform flawlessly but for a budget priced appliance value for money isn’t bad.

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