AURELIO TECH 19 Cu. Ft. Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag Review

AURELIO TECH rooftop cargo carrier bag offers tons of storage capacity for a very inexpensive price. Does the low price reflect in the quality of the bag?


AURELIO TECH rooftop cargo carrier bag provides you with 19 cubic feet of storage capacity. That’s a lot – most cargo bags only have capacity of 15 cu. ft. which is also about the same as average trunk space of sedan.

It doesn’t have any internal structure – it makes loading it slightly more difficult as it lays flat once you put in on rooftop but it’s not a big deal really.


AURELIO TECH cargo bag is made of 600D PVC fabric. It might leave impression of being

reasonably well built but don’t be fooled as it’s not something that will likely last for years to come. You might experience it starting to shows signs of wear within first use – like bag starting to rip or straps tearing off. Not something that will probably happen but apparently some unlucky consumers experienced just that!


AURELIO TECH rooftop cargo carrier bag can be installed whether you have roof rack or not. If you have roof rack you place two of the door hooks under door frame rubber seals and the middle one under rack, if you don’t have roof rack then all 3 hooks go under door frame rubber seal. Make sure you put back the rubber seal on frame and that straps are tightly adjusted.


AURELIO TECH rooftop cargo carrier bag features 4 safety hooks, side release NIFCO buckles, SBS zipper, 3 double strap covers and 8 Velcro fasteners.

It also comes with a free protective mat to prevent rooftop your vehicle developing any scratches.


AURELIO TECH rooftop cargo bag is 47 inches long, 35 inches wide and 19.8 inches high when fully loaded.

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AURELIO TECH rooftop cargo carrier bag is inexpensive for a reason – it’s unlikely it will survive thousands of miles of use. If you need a bag for just 1 or 2 trips it might suffice however buying more sturdy unit might be a smarter choice even if it costs more since some consumers have had their AURELIO TECH bags disintegrate on the first trip.

AURELIO TECH rooftop cargo carrier bag details/specs:

  • Storage capacity: 19 cu. ft.
  • External dimensions: 47″ x 35″ x 19.8″ (L x W x H)
  • Material: 600D PVC fabric

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