Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28″ Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower – Review

Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 is a gas powered two-stage snow blower. It has 254cc engine that develops 12.5 horsepower and with 28 inch clearing width and 21 inch intake height this unit can move up to 65 tons of snow per hour. Sounds pretty impressive but how well does it actually perform?


Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 is a beast! It can handle any type of snow whether it’s powdery, light, heavy, wet or frozen. It might bog down a bit in really tough conditions but it still does the job – just set a slower speed and it will chew through everything. With that being said most of the time it deals with everything effortlessly.

It also throw snow really well – 30-50 feet away depending on conditions, maybe even more in light conditions.

Starting procedure

Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 has electric start but can be started by pulling too – either works just fine.

It has primer bulb so for manual start-up you just prime it 3 times, set the choke and pull – it almost always starts on first pull.

If necessary you can also use electric start – you have to plug in extension cord and will start the unit in seconds if not pretty much immediately.


Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 is self-propelled with 6 forward and 2 backward speeds. It also has Ariens auto-turn feature. When the machine is running in a straight line two axle shafts are rotating in the same direction as the large gear, when you start to turn the two axle shafts are locked in the direction you want to turn – it works well and allows you to take sharp/tight turns without making large loops.

System is self-intuitive although some have complained about it being frustrating at first – if that’s the case for you the best advice is don’t try fight it, just let it steer for you and you will get used to it fast.

Tires and large (16″ x 5″) and with deep tread provides good traction.


Overall quality is good and the unit is well made. Most of the parts are made of durable materials for heavy-duty use.

Serrated auger, skid shoes and scraper bar are made of steel. Gear case is made of cast iron. Unit for the most part feels very sturdy and made to last.


Handles are interlocking for one hand operation.Auger and throttle have separate levers. Once the machine is going you can release auger lever which frees up 1 hand and you can adjust chute when necessary. Chute is easy to redirect. You adjust it with a crank which works well because it’s easy to operate with 1 hand and you don’t have to worry about cables freezing

Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 has headlamp for low-light situations. Oil level is easy to check and so is changing it. Fuel tank has fuel level line so you know when it’s full so you don’t overfill it.


Overall Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 is a well built, high performance snow blower that won’t let you down even in really tough situations.

Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 in. Two- Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower Specs/Details:

  • Engine displacement: 254 cc
  • Engine power output: 12.5 horsepower
  • Snow blower type: Two-Stage
  • Clearing width: 28 inches
  • Intake height: 21 inches
  • Self propelled: Yes
  • Forward speeds: 6
  • Backward speeds: 2
  • Dimensions (in inches): 58.6″ x 29.9″ x 43.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Dimensions (in centimeters): 148.8 x 75.9 x 115 (L x W x H)
  • Impeller diameter: 14 inches / 35.5 cm
  • Auger diameter: 14 inches / 35.5 cm
  • Weight: 249.8 pounds / 113.3 kilograms

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