Arctic King 5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer Review (ARC050S0ARBB)

Arctic King ARC050S0ARBB is a chest freezer with 5 cubic feet storage capacity. It’s pretty inexpensive for a chest freezer for the storage capacity it offers. It generally retails for what you would expect a 3.5 cubic feet chest freezer to cost or even less, so is there a reason why it’s such a steal?


Arctic King ARC050S0ARBB works just fine. It gets down well below freezing temperatures on coldest settings and allows food to freeze faster that it does in a refrigerator freezer.

Arctic King ARC050S0ARBB doesn’t have temperature readout however you can buy a thermometer for just a couple dollars if you need to know the temperature.


Controls are very basic. There’s basically just a dial for temperature adjustment with “Off” setting included. There are no indicator lights at all, not even one that illuminates when the chest freezer is turned on.


Arctic King ARC050S0ARBB chest freezer features removable storage basket, drain located on the front and recessed handle.

Energy consumption

Arctic King ARC050S0ARBB consumes estimated 218 kWh a year.


According to consumer reports it seems like it’s common for Arctic King ARC050S0ARBB to arrive damaged, i.e. have dents.


The reason why Arctic King ARC050S0ARBB is so cheap is because it’s a very basic chest freezer. Nonetheless it works just fine with only real issue being somewhat common complaints from consumers about it arriving dented.

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