Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 Double Induction Cooktop Burner Review

Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 is countertop induction cooktop with two burners. Burners have adjustable power supply (wattage) and 10 temperature settings from 140°F to 464°F.

Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 Double Induction Cooktop Burner

Induction cookstops are more energy efficient that regular and gas stovetops as well heat up faster. This certainly applies to Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 that manages to heat up fast. It cooks food well and there are no inherent issues with how it works/performs.

There’s a downside to induction cooktops though – they are not compatible with all cookware. Due to how induction heating works Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 will only work with cookware that has megnetic bottom like cast iron, enameled steel or magnetic stainless steel. The diameter of the bottom for cookware should be at least 4 inches but no more than 10.

Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 cooktop burner has timer function (1 minute to 4 hours) as well “Keep Warm” mode that will make it maintain temperature of 176°F.

You cannot set just any temperature you want but instead you have to select one of the presets. This is not really something to complain about since that’s how most regular cooktops work as well but there are some consumers who want to have ability to adjust temperature in single or 5 degree increments for more precision.

The 10 preset options you get are 140, 176, 212, 248, 284, 320, 356, 392, 428 and 464°F.


Left burner power output can be adjusted from 200 to 1800 watts whereas the right one – from 200 to 1600 watts. Since Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 has a maximum power supply of 1800 watts both burners combined cannot exceed this number (i.e. if the left burner is using 600 watts the right burner cannot use more than 1,200).

For more detailed representation check the table below:

Left Burner WattageRight Burner Wattage
200W200W to 1,400W
400W200W to 1,400W
600W200W to 1,200W
800W200W to 1,000W
1,000W200W to 800W
1,200W200W to 600W
1,400W200W to 400W


Aobosi double induction cooktop burner isn’t completely noiseless but to be fair this also stands true for pretty much all induction cooktops.

Most of the noise come from cooling fans. They are not excessively loud but some people might find them annoying as you will definitely will hear them in quiet environment. It can sometimes also make a high pitched whine or buzzing sound.

Control Panel

Aobosi double induction cooktop burner has touch sensitive controls. Each burners has its own set of controls consisting of following buttons: “Max”, “Min”, “Keep Warm”, “-“, “+”, “Function” and “On/Off”.


Aobosi double induction cooktop burner has child lock feature as well various safety features like  overheating, over-pressure and over-current protection.


Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 is a fairly decent cooktop burner that works just fine (some consumers have had some issues but with any product there will be some faulty units). The price is fairly adequate too even though there are some similar models from competitors that are a little bit cheaper (some are also more expensive).

Aobosi FS-IRC108-1800 Double Induction Cooktop Burner Specifications:

  • Power: up to 1800W
  • Temperature range: 140°F to 464°F
  • Dimensions
    • In inches (W x D x H): 22.8’’ x 13.8’’ x 2.5’’ inches
    • In centimeters (W x D x H): 58 cm x 35 cm x 6.3 cm

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