Antarctic Star AS75 24-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Antarctic Star AS75 is a budget priced wine cooler and there are some obvious signs for it. One of the most pronounced ones is that it doesn’t have front venting which is also the reason it only works as a freestanding application and isn’t made for built-in use.

When you initially turn it on it takes a long time for it to cool down to desired temperatures, like up to 24 hours in some cases. Temperature is adjustable from 40°F to 61°F (4.4°C to 16.1°C).

Temperature control is not very accurate. It sometimes varies by up to 5-6 °F from what you set. Not a huge deal if you purchase this unit for simply keeping your drinks cool but for serious wine enthusiasts this might be a deal breaker.

Antarctic Star AS75 holds up to 24 standard sized (750mL) wine bottles.

Control panel

Control panel of Antarctic Star AS75 features LCD temperature readout display and 3 buttons (one is for turning interior light on/off and unlocking controls whereas the other two are for adjusting temperature).

Antarctic Star AS75 has automatic control panel lock feature meaning you will have to press unlock button until you hear a beep before you can adjust temperature or turn on/off interior light.


Antarctic Star AS75 has blue LED interior lighting – a nice feature but it isn’t as fancy as you find in more expensive units.

It also has dual-pane glass door for UV protection and it also provides air tight seal. Foaming used for insulation is CFC-free polyurethane.

Shelves are made of stainless steel.


Antarctic Star AS75 is the quietest wine cooler especially when it’s cooling down. It also occasionally makes popping and humming noises.

Dimensions and weight

Antarctic Star AS75 weighs 44.09 lbs. It measures 17.7 inches wide, 16.9 inches deep and 29.1 inches high. Shelves are 14.17″ by 12.99″.


Antarctic Star AS75 works fine if you just want to keep your drinks cool but serious wine enthusiasts will want something more expensive with more accurate temperature control.

Antarctic Star AS75 Specifications:

  • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Refrigeration type: Compressor
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Rated power: 65W
  • Temperature range: 40°F to 61°F (4.4°C to 16.1°C)
  • Foaming: CFC-free polyurethane
  • Shelve dimensions (W x D): 14.17″ x 12.99″
  • Wine cooler dimensions (W x D x H): 17.7” x 16.9” x 29.1”
  • Weight:
    • Net: 44.09 lbs (20 kg)
    • Gross: 48.58 lbs (22 kg)
  • Certifications:
    • UL Listed

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