Antarctic Star 5185B 28-Bottle 15″ Wine Cooler Review

Antarctic Star 5185B is 15-inch wide dual-zone wine cooler that holds up to 28 bottles. It has two temperature zones (upper one features 2 shelves whereas lower one 4) with temperatures adjustable from 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


Antarctic Star 5185B cools down to set temperature faster than most. Temperature can fluctuate by couple degrees at times but is precise for the most part.

Noise levels are medium. It’s not as loud as some models but it’s not completely noiseless either.

Storage capacity

Antarctic Star 5185B can hold up to 28 standard sized 750mL Bordeaux bottles. In reality you will have a hard time fitting more than 25 and if they are larger than that expect to fit less than 20.


Control panel is very similar to most other units. You get two LCD display that show set temperature (one for each temperature zone) as well buttons for turning wine cooler on or off, switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, adjusting temperature and turning interior light on or off.

To unlock control panel you have to hold “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously.


Antarctic Star 5185B 28-bottle wine cooler has front venting and can be built-in of left freestanding. It also has adjustable feet.

Door is made of stainless steel (including the handle) with double pane tempered glass window for UV protection and provides air-tight seal. It’s also lockable and comes with a key.

Chamber features beautiful led lights. Shelves are made of beech wood and are 10.63 inches wide and 17.32 inches deep. For optimal air quality there’s activated charcoal filter.


Antarctic Star 5185B is not perfect but it’s overall a pretty good wine cooler especially for the money.

Antarctic Star 5185B 28-Bottle 15″ Wine Cooler Specifications:

  • Installation type: Freestanding/built-in
  • Temperature zones: 2
  • Temperature range: 41°F to 68°F (5°C to 20°C)
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Wine cooler dimensions (W x D x H): 14.9” x 22.7” x 34.2”

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