Antarctic Star 5158A 12″ 18-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Antarctic Star 5158A is a single zone wine cooler. It fits up to 18 bottles but since the bottom shelve is shorter you might end up being able to fit just 17.

Temperature inside the chamber is adjustable from 41°F to 68°F. Antarctic Star 5158A has compressor cooling which can be a bit noisy at times but overall isn’t too loud. It does keep your wine bottles cool just fine so there’s no complaints in this department.


Antarctic Star 5158A features double-paned tempered glass door window which protects wine from UV rays. Door is lockable and features stainless steel handle as well provides air-tight seal to preserve optimal humidity.

Interior features nice blue LED ambient lighting that can be turned off. Shelves are very nice too. They are made of beechwood.

Control panel

Control panel features temperature readout LCD display as well 6 buttons:

  • “On/Off” button: Turns wine cooler on/off.
  • “°F/°C” button: Switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales.
  • 🌡” button: Temperature setting button.
  • “+” button: Increases temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • “-” button: Decreases temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • “💡 ” button: Turns on/off interior/ambient led lighting.

Antarctic Star 5158A wine cooler has auto-lock feature meaning it locks control panel/temperature adjustment after some time of inactivity. You can unlock it by holding “+” and “-” buttons at the same time for couple seconds.


Antarctic Star 5158A is a decent wine cooler. It keeps your wine cool and even features front venting, however it holds just 17-18 bottles of wine which is not as much as some other units but it might be just enough for you!

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