Antarctic Star 51145B 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Antarctic Star 51145B is a 24-inch wide two-zone wine cooler with massive 145 liter capacity which is enough to fit up to 46 bottles of wine inside. It’s equipped with R600a refrigerant ans uses compressor to cool down chamber. Upper zone features 2 shelves with temperature adjustable from 41°F to 54°F (5°C to 12°C), whereas lower zone has 4 shelves with temperature adjustable from 54°F to 68°F (12°C to 20°C).


Antarctic Star 51145B works well. It has no trouble achieving set temperatures and stay at them. It’s accurate and consistent. Although it isn’t noiseless it’s not loud.


You will only be able to fit 46 bottles if you wine collection consists exclusively of standard sized 750mL Bordeaux wine bottles which hare 2.95″ wide and 12.4″ long. Having larger bottles will decrease the amount you can fit inside. Also all but one shelve are kinda shallow so you won’t be able to fit thick bottles in them without removing shelve above. The one shelve where you won’t have this issue is located in the lower temperature zone (which is the warmer one).

Shelves are 18.5 inches wide and 17.71 inches long. They are made of beech wood and looks/feel quality.

Control panel

Control panel features 2 LCD display – one for each temperature zone. They don’t show actual chamber temperature, just the temperature you have set.

There’s also 6 buttons. “On/Off” is for turning wine cooler on or off, “+” and “-” buttons are for adjusting temperature, “thermometer” button switches between temperature zones, “°F/°C” button switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius and “bulb” button turns chamber light on or off.

Control panel also features auto-lock feature. After some time of inactivity it will lock itself and buttons will cease to be responsive. To unlock control panel you have to hold “+” and “-” simultaneously for few seconds.


Stainless steel door features two-layer tempered glass window for UV protection. There’s also activated charcoal filter for optimal air quality. Inside the chamber there’s a fancy blue LED ambient lighting which you can turn on or off.


Overall Antarctic Star 51145B is a good wine cooler but it does have some flaws. Shelves are not really designed for bigger/thicker bottles so if you have those the storage capacity is greatly reduced. On the upside it works well and isn’t too loud, temperatures are accurate and consistent. Value for money is pretty good too – it won’t be easy to find another unit that works just as well and has similar capacity for similar money.

Antarctic Star 51145B 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Cooler Specifications:

  • Installation Type: Freestanding/Built-in
  • Refrigeration Type: Compressor
  • Chamber volume: 145 liters
  • Capacity: up to 46 wine bottles
  • Cooling zones: 2
    • Upper zone
      • Temperature range: 41°F to 54°F (5°C to 12°C)
      • Amount of shelves: 2
    • Lower zone
      • Temperature range: 54°F to 68°F (12°C to 20°C)
      • Amount of shelves: 4
  • Net weight: 114.6 pounds / 52 kilograms
  • Gross weight: 130.1 pounds / 59 kilograms
  • Description: Antarctic Star 24″ Wine Cooler/Beverage Refrigerator/Beer Mini Fridge With 46 Bottles Capacity Dual Temperature Zone Built-in/Freestanding Stainless Steel Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door With Digital Temperature Memory Function
  • Dimensions(W x D x H): 23.42” x 22.75” x 34.25”

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