Ankarsrum Original 6230 Stand Mixer Review

Ankarsrum Original 6230 stand mixer is equipped with 600 watt motor and can knead up to 11 pounds of dough or whip 18 egg whites.


Ankarsrum Original 6230 is quite powerful and can handle larger batches and tougher doughs that cheaper stand mixers however the claimed ability to mix/knead 11 pounds of dough at a time is only partially true. It’s the case with lighter doughs but when it comes to tougher ones like bread dough you expect it to handle 4-6 pounds without issues which is still significantly more than you would with most stand mixers.

Motor is located inside the base making for low center of gravity which makes this stand mixer very stable. Motor is not gear driven which means there’s less chance of it breaking, it also makes it very quiet.

Only thing you could really complain is that Ankarsrum Original 6230 a bit more complicated than other stand mixers so there’s some learning curve but you learn everything fast.


Ankarsrum Original 6230 stand mixer is controlled via two knobs. One of the knobs has timer function where you can set it up to mix for up to 12 minutes whereas the other one is for adjusting speed. Both of them are stepless knobs which means you can make really fine adjustments (i.e. you aren’t limited to specific amount of speed settings but have “infinite” options, works similarly as car’s throttle pedal).


The overall quality is top notch. Stand mixer is made of stainless steel and carbon steel. It feels heavy duty and made to last. Quality of accessories and attachments is great too.


Ankarsrum Original 6230 stand mixer comes with 7-liter stainless steel mixing bowl, 3.5-liter BPA/BPS-free Tritan plastic mixing bowl, multi-wire balloon, single-wire cookie whip, dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook and dust cover lid (fits both mixing bowls).

Multi-wire baloon whisks whips egg whites super fast. Dough hook works really well for kneading bread. Single wire whip is designed for things like butter (but butter should be of room temperature). For cookie or cake doughs use dough roller and dough scraper.

Size and weight

Ankarsrum Original 6230 stand mixer weighs 19 pounds and measures 14.25 inches wide, 19 inches deep and 14.25 inches high.


Ankarsrum Original 6230 is one of the best stand mixers you can buy and is a serious competitor to similarly priced KitchenAid models like 600 Professional series.

Ankarsrum Original 6230 Stand Mixer Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 600W
  • Weight: 19 lb
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 14.25’’ x 19’’ x 14.25’’
  • Accessories/Attachments:
    • 1 x 7-liter stainless steel mixing bowl
    • 1 x 3.5-liter BPA/BPS-free Tritan plastic mixing bowl
    • 1 x Multi-wire balloon
    • 1 x Single-wire cookie whip
    • 1 x Dough roller
    • 1 x Dough knife
    • 1 x Dough scraper
    • 1 x Dough hook
    • 1 x Dust cover lid
  • Color options:
    • Black Chrome
    • Black Diamond
    • Creme
    • Forest Green
    • Gloss White
    • Jubilee Silver
    • Light Creme
    • Ocean Blue
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Royal Blue

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