AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 Double Induction Cooker/Cooktop with 2 Burners Review

AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 (also known as AMZCHEF DC08) is a double induction cooker/cooktop with 2 burners. Each burner has 10 temperature settings (from 140°F to 464°F) and 9 power settings (200 to 1800W). AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 is compatible with magnetic cookware that’s 4.72’’ to 10.23’’ inches in diameter.

Cooking with AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 Double Induction Cooker/Cooktop

AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 heats up super fast and cooks just fine. Most induction cooktops perform very similarly and that’s also true for AMZCHEF YL18-DC08. In this regard it’s neither better nor worse than large portion of competition. If anything that’s a good thing as it means it works like it’s supposed to.

There is 1 annoying issue though (which is also true for pretty much all 2-burner induction cooktops) – the maximum power supply is 1800W combined across both burners.

What this means is that even though either burner can run at 1800W individually they cannot consume more than 1800W together simultaneously (because US sockets are designed to consume no more than 1800W at a time).

You can boil two pots of water at the same time however you won’t be able to use highest temperatures on both burners simultaneously.

For this reason some consumers might prefer to buy two single burner cooktops instead if they have access to two sockets as in this case they will be able to use all 1800W on both burners at the same time.


AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 is equipped with two cooling fans (one for each burner). They make some noise but they are not super loud.

Some consumers also have reported high pitched buzzing sounds – might be only some units suffering from this or perhaps it’s normal and only people with sensitive hearing hear it.

Compatible cookware

Like all inductions cooktops AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 will only work with cookware that has magnetic bottom like cast iron, iron, magnetic steel, enameled iron, stainless steel with magnetic bottom.

This is the main disadvantage of induction cooktops as they won’t work with a lot of cookware but for many consumers that’s a worthy tradeoff for faster heating and more energy efficient cooking.

Control Panel

Each burner has its own control panel which consists of LCD display and 6 touch sensitive buttons: “On/Off”, “Power/Temp” (switches between what you are adjusting – temperature or cooking time), “Increase”, “Decrease”, “Lock” (the control panel – also called as “child lock”) and “Timer” (allows you to set timer from 1 minute to 3 hours)

Clean up

The surface of AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 is made of black polished crystal glass which is easy to clean.

Error Code Troubleshooting

In a case something is not right with AMZCHEF Double Induction Cooktop the LCD display will show error code which will indicate what kind of problem you are dealing with. Here are the error codes with explanations:

E0: Cookware has not been detected. It can mean 3 things: You haven’t put any pots on the burner, the pot is too small or the pot is not compatible with induction cooking.
E2: Indicates either temperature sensor open circuit or short circuit.
E3: Voltage too high (more than 150V).
E4: Voltage too low (less than 80V).
E5: Internal temperature has exceeded 356°F and therefore over-heating protection has kicked-in to prevent damage.
E6: IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) sensor has exceeded 212°F and therefore over-heating protection has kicked-in to prevent damage.


AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 Double Induction Cooktop has 6 anti-slip feet to keep the unit stay put in place.


AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 works more or less like most other double induction cooktops. It heats up fast and cooks well but can only draw 1800 watts of power across both burners simultaneously (which is normal as US sockets are not designed to supply more power than that).

AMZCHEF YL18-DC08 Double Induction Cooker/Cooktop with 2 Burners Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120V
  • Cookware diameter: 4.72’’ to 10.23’ (10 to 26 centimeters)
  • Power range: 200 to 1800W
  • Temeprature range: 140°F to 464°F
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 22.83” x 14.17” x 2.68” inches

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