AmazonBasics ZH1705156 Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag Review

AmazonBasics ZH1705156 is one of the least expensive rooftop cargo carrier bags you can purchase however cheap products often are cheap for a reason. So what’s the case with AmazonBasics ZH1705156 rooftop cargo carrier bag? Does it offer amazing value for money or is it flawed in some serious way?


AmazonBasics ZH1705156 provides you with extra 15 cubic feet of storage space. It’s very spacious however the bag doesn’t have any internal structure which make it loading fully slightly more difficult.


At first glance AmazonBasics ZH1705156 seems to be sturdy and well made however it’s not uncommon for it to start tear up after few hundred or thousand miles of use. It’s not something that happens with most units but it’s still common enough of an issue to be ignored.

AmazonBasics ZH1705156 isn’t something you buy if you plan to use your cargo bag regularly for many years to come. But for occasional use it might suffice unless you get bad unit that starts to tear up early.


AmazonBasics ZH1705156 rooftop cargo carrier bag seems to be pretty water resistant as water usually fails to penetrate the bag when it’s raining, however sometimes it does. So it’s pretty water resistant but not completely 100% waterproof.

Consensus here is that you probably shouldn’t put any valuable items that can be damaged by water inside the bag. If it rains while you are driving with the carrier bag on top of your vehicle it’s unlikely any water or moisture will get inside the bag it still does happen sometimes so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Being a budget price cargo bag it doesn’t have many features. However it does have zip closure with hook-and-loop flap (to prevent water getting inside), 1″ wide polypropylene straps and heavy-duty zipper. The bag can also be folded and stored in a special bag.


It’s easy to install but requires your vehicle to have cross bars/rails. Bag has 8 cinch straps with buckles – look them around the cross bars/rails of your car and connect the straps to the buckles. Then tighten the straps for tight and secure fit.

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AmazonBasics ZH1705156 probably isn’t something that will last for years to come so if you need cargo bag only for one or few occasions but don’t want to spend a lot of money this one might be a good option. However if you need something that will last look for more expensive models.

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