AIFEEL 4.3-Quart 800W Stand Mixer Review

AIFEEL OU-6330 is a stand mixer with 800 watt motor and 4.3-quart mixing bowl. Currently it’s one of the least expensive stand mixers you can buy so is it any good?


Unsurprisingly AIFEEL OU-6330 isn’t as good as more expensive stand mixers.

First thing to mention is the power – AIFEEL OU-6330 doesn’t feel very powerful. It doesn’t even feel close to the claimed 800 watt power figure. KitchenAid KSM150PS Artisan with its 325 watt motor feels more powerful. With that being said AIFEEL OU-6330 handles most jobs without much issue but larger amounts of stiff and tough doughs might be problematic.

Another issue is that attachments doesn’t cover the bottom and sides of the bowl so you will have to stop and scrape. This is common issue for stand mixers but it’s a lot more pronounced on cheaper models.

One of the biggest flaws of this stand mixer probably is noise. AIFEEL OU-6330 is very loud, you wouldn’t want to use it while someone is sleeping at your home. If you have owned a stand mixer before this one probably will be a lot noisier.

As you can see AIFEEL OU-6330 stand mixer is far from perfect however considering how cheap it is the performance is acceptable. If you want to save some money you will have to live with some caveats.

Possible issues

Most complaints from consumers come from two issues: attachments not fitting and motor overheating (and breaking in some cases). It’s hard to estimate what’s the cause for these issues and how common they are but be aware that some have had them.


Overall quality is mediocre. Stand mixer does feel a bit fragile. It’s nowhere near as sturdy as high-end models. This might not be a large issue if you use with care however it’s probably safe to say it won’t last anywhere near as long as KitchenAid models do.


AIFEEL OU-6330 stand mixer comes with dough hook, flat beater and whisk.


AIFEEL OU-6330 stand mixer features tilt-head design and 4 anti-slip suction cups (but they could have more suction power).


The overall quality and performance is acceptable for the money however that’s because AIFEEL OU-6330 is so inexpensive. If you want something affordable you might be able to live with its flaws however don’t expect it to be anywhere near as good as high-end models (like KitchenAid KSM150PS Artisan) in any way.

AIFEEL OU-6330 4.3-Quart 800W Stand Mixer Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60Hz
  • Bowl Capacity: 4.3QT
  • Dimensions: 13.7’’ x 7.5’’ x 11.88’’
  • Housing material: ABS plastic
  • Accessories/Attachments included:
    • Dough hook
    • Flat beater
    • Whisk
    • Stainless steel bowl
    • Transparent splash guard

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